Sick of seeing other people launch amazing stuff, sell out programs, and make it look easy?


You feel stupid not knowing how it’s done?

It seems like you’re missing something but you don’t know what?

You’d give anything to have a foolproof formula for success?


Keep reading.


Let’s make it easy to create and sell out any program, become the woman you were meant to be, and bring your message to the masses.


You are the only thing holding you back.


I was the scared girl who scripted her live-streams, prayed that no one would watch, spoke softly, and avoided it out of fear of looking silly on camera.


I wanted to be as magnetic as the women I followed. They made it look so easy. I would binge-watch and wonder how I could become as confident as they were.


I was jealous of all the fun they were having while I was working my fingers to the bone.


You feel like you’ve tried it all.

You haven’t accomplished what you hoped to by now.  

Your business isn’t as fun or easy as you dreamed (even if you are making sales).

Your people aren’t paying attention.

You’re doing more than ever and it’s exhausting.

You’re scared to say what you really want.

You know you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle.



How can you find the success you want so badly?


It isn’t by second-guessing your every move,
avoiding being visible,
or waiting for your people to magically find you.




Being scared and worried that people wouldn’t like me or that I’d look silly were feelings I kicked around for too long.

Eventually, I figured out how to stop that shit and start bringing my message to the people who needed me most.

You can too.


It starts when you realize you don’t have to give a shit about anyone else.


You can choose to let go of the fear and say what needs to be said.

You can decide to say yes to what you want in spite of fear.

You can stop living to please others and take care of yourself.

You can dare to show up and be seen.


And once you do? Everything falls into place.


I’m Erin, a recovering people-pleaser and all-around nice girl who spent the vast majority of her time on this planet being miserable, for the sake of everyone else.


That’s why I created the Success Training Mentorship, to show you that getting raving fans and selling out your programs doesn’t have to be that hard at all.


It wasn’t that long ago that I was wondering why my own business wasn’t working.


Deep down, I could feel I was holding myself back big time, but I had no idea how to fix it.


Afraid of believing in myself, I stayed small and pretended not to know how to be seen or heard. I sabotaged myself right and left by being a victim and not taking responsibility for it.


It took three decades and some pretty shitty circumstances before I realized what I was doing. That I was responsible for not getting what I wanted - and I could fucking change it.


So I did.


It’s a simple decision that you can make anytime.

Once you make that decision, everything changes.


The truth is, you can:

  • Acquire all the magnetism and charisma you want (getting thousands to watch your videos)

  • Know exactly what to say all the time (so they buy instantly)

  • Find the confidence you’re desperate for

  • Attract exactly the right people to you (no more convincing them)

  • Sell out your programs with ease

  • Plus find more happiness than you’ve ever felt in your life  


I’ve been exactly where you are and I know the frustration of feeling stupid that your stuff isn’t selling, thinking everyone has it figured out except you, or wondering what else you could possibly do to make it work.


You can create anything you want.


You deserve to make a difference.


You have the capacity right now to be completely yourself without fear, and bring your message to the clients who need you - without apology.


The power and energy to do things not everyone will love (or even like) is inside you.


The problem is you’re confused - and scared - to show everyone just how powerful you can be.


By shoving down everything incredible about yourself - afraid they might not approve - you’ve lost touch with who you really are and what you’re capable of.


And that’s a shitty way to live.


The good news is you can choose to take responsibility for everything in your life - and decide to change it. You get to choose how you absorb the world and show up in it.


Everything is a choice.


Now it is my mission to help women entrepreneurs like you get what you want by becoming who you're meant to be.


I can’t stand seeing women living for everyone but themselves, undervaluing themselves, and selling themselves short of the amazing gifts they have to offer.





When we work together, we get to the bottom of what you’re telling yourself: why you choose not to show up, what your base fears are and how they keep you small.

More importantly, we craft a plan to end that crap for good.

Inside 90 days (12 weeks), you’ll learn the tools to transform from fearful to fierce.


No more confusion.

No more frustration.

No more playing small.


Each week, we meet for an hour via phone or Skype. Between calls, you have unlimited email access to me for whatever comes up, so you don’t have to wait to get your questions answered.


You will be 100% supported, get round-the-clock accountability, and RESULTS guaranteed.


There’s no reason you can’t make this investment back if you do the things I teach you.


No two clients are the same. My coaching is customized to your needs.


But here are some of the topics you can expect to cover with me... 

1. Who you are and what you want

2. The life and business you want to create NOW

3. Habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you

4. Creating offers and solutions your people want

5. Going LIVE on video and driving engagement

6. Promoting yourself so that people will buy

7. Converting videos into sales

8. The step-by-step sell-out formula that works every time




Investment: $30,000 (Or three monthly payments of $10,000 each)


I'm on a mission to help you change your life forever, so you never sell yourself short again with what you’re capable of. Business should be easy and fun, bringing you happiness and fulfillment.


I don’t want one more woman wasting her life believing that she isn’t worth more than what someone else assigns as her value. There’s no time for that. You have a mission and a message far more important than someone’s opinion of you.


Women who work with me are willing to invest in their business today, knowing their dreams are worth it and they want change NOW. They’re ready to get out of their comfort zone and do scary things in order to get what they want.


Sound like you?

This is only for serious women entrepreneurs committed to changing her life, ready to take her passion to the next level, hire the best, and say YES to doing whatever it takes to get what she wants.


To the new and improved you!


P.S. This program is designed to dramatically shift how you see yourself. You will be unrecognizable in your confidence and ability to show up in your business. You walk away with the tools to no longer care what anyone thinks about you, giving you the freedom to be and do whatever you want.


P.P.S. If you keep going at it alone, you’re not only wasting time and money doing it wrong, but you’re reinforcing those bad habits even more. I’m here to free you from not just being stuck in business, but being stuck in your entire life.


P.P.P.S. This is only available to the first 3 women who take action. Get it while you can before someone else does, and then you see them all over the place with their amazing transformation, snagging clients right and left.


The last thing you need is one more person showing off their awesomeness while you’re still struggling.

Questions? Shoot me an email: