You need a system that works FOR you,
not against you. 

Ever run a webinar, and then realize you forgot to send the replay? 

Just me? 

There’s a lot of emails involved in something as basic as a live class:

  •  Regular Promotions (multiple times a week)

  •  Welcoming people that joined your list (daily)

  •  Reminders (several)

  •  Replay link (possibly more than one)

  •  Following up weeks later (definitely more than one)

The list goes on.

Those are just the emails you’re sending in addition to planning the content, answering questions, and promoting everywhere else. 

It’s too easy to forget something. 

Balls get dropped. 

People on your list get missed. 


free 5-day challenge: Automate Like A Boss. 

Learn how to set up an automated system of emails that runs smooth as Tennessee Whiskey.

You can set it & forget it, and move on with the other pieces of your business that need more attention. 

This goes beyond webinars. This works for every aspect of nurturing your list and getting clients. 

  • No more missing clients that wanted to give you their money. 
  • No more waiting too long just to find out they hired someone else. 
  • No more accidentally forgetting to follow up and miss out. 

Even if you think you know how to to do this, you’re most likely missing a piece. 

The seemingly “easy” steps are often the very ones that get skipped (or half-assed) and then you wonder why no one’s buying. 

Don’t lose another sale because you neglected this simple process. 


AUTOMATE LIKE A BOSS : 5-day challenge

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