Want to show up, share your message and make money? 

Time to bust through your own bullshit. 



You’ve gone live a few times. You took the leap and did the 5-day challenge. I’m so proud of you for facing that fear. 

…But what’s next? 

You know how to get on camera. You know it works. But how do you leverage this to grow your business? 

You may feel less confident now that you don’t have the Facebook Live Mastery Challenge group cheering you on. 

Maybe you're not be sure what to say - or how to say it.

You may be falling into your old patterns of hiding.


What you need is accountability and a step-by-step plan to get out there.


Enter my new 8-week program, specifically for YOU - the bold women who joined me in the 5-day challenge to get visible. 

This is a deep-dive 1:1 experience. There are ONLY TWO spots left. When they’re gone, they’re gone.


You already took huge steps to put yourself out there, created a basic format and tested the waters of how it feels to be on camera. 

And you did AMAZING. The results blew me away. (Plus we had so much fun!) 

Now it’s time to leverage what you started. 


Inside 8 weeks with me, you’ll figure out:

  • how easy it can be to show up
  • how to ditch the damn fear and just do it already
  • how to have FUN in business again
  • how to use live to make money and help more people


Listen, I get it.

It wasn’t that long ago I was scripting my webinars and livestreams, reading them aloud, and praying that no one would show up. 

I was terrified to go on camera where I might be caught off guard, not know how to answer a question, or obviously be looking in the wrong place (because notes). 

I worried about looking stupid and having lame content. But I also saw that other successful people were doing this - and getting results - and I’d be left behind if I didn’t keep up. 


It came down to two things: my confidence level and feelings of self-worth. 


YOU and how you see yourself have everything to do with your success. 

I made the mistake of thinking these weren’t important. I believed I could just keep hacking away at systems and structures, and eventually something would take. 

Confession: I was afraid of being ME.


I was afraid people wouldn’t like the real me, that my stuff wasn’t good enough, it wouldn’t work at all and I’d have taken the risk, bared my soul, and failed. 

I spent over a year shifting my mindset around everything I was doing. I invested in a lot of coaching that could help me see what I was missing. 

When it finally clicked how to stop caring about what everyone else thought, how to be myself and show up bigger and better as ME, and how to stop sabotaging it all with my thought process, things shifted almost immediately. 


It changed my confidence. 

I saw how much value I had to offer. 

I could change lives the way I wanted to. 

And it overflowed into every area of my life. 


Now I want to show you how to feel the same.


Signup here: 

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be You.
For JUST $2500

Doors Close Tuesday, April 18th at 11:59 pm CST


When you have bigger confidence, being visible isn’t scary anymore. You know what to say and how to say it. You don’t worry about who likes it. You just do you. 

Going live becomes fun. You reach your audience in a much more powerful way, which leads to more clients deciding to invest in you…. simply because they like YOU. 

The reason video is so popular is because it’s all about connection. That’s a basic human need, especially if you’re wanting people to spend money on your programs. 

I’m passionate about helping you get out of your own way, pull the trigger and discover business that’s FUN and EASY. 


No more…. 

  • Wondering what to say. 
  • Confusion about where to post. 
  • Uncertainty of how often to go live. 
  • Worrying about being annoying or saying “UM” all the time.  
  • Hesitating because “what will they think” or “I can’t say that”
  • Boring dull videos (you know it’s bad when you’re boring yourself)


We’re punching fear in the face and navigating hang ups that keep you from hitting that scary little blue GO LIVE button. 

Be proud of your stuff! Laugh at the haters. Be yourself. Find your ideal people. 

You have total control over what’s holding you back. 


Signup here:

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be You.
For JUST $2500

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.34.11 PM.png
"I wanted to surround myself with people who want to continue to learn and grow and bust through their bullshit and live better lives.
I felt pretty comfortable being in front of the camera, ….but I had some pretty intense shit come up. Old limiting beliefs I thought I’d worked through just came right up.
I was amazed at how this challenge, for some reason, pushed a few of my buttons, but I’m really glad it did! I also learned I have more to offer than I thought I did, which feels really nice.
I’m so proud of all of us!"
- Vanessa

"I’m so excited to have done this! I saw massive upleveling the entire week. This was an amazing experience.

I’ve learned that my fear about live streaming and showing up is total bullshit! It’s an old story that needs to be trashed.

I can put myself out there – the haters don’t mean anything. It’s all in my control. I can come out and just be myself and market what I know. I can find my ideal clients. I have control over not making it mean anything that holds me back.

This can be FUN! It doesn’t have to be a big lecture in front of a classroom. This helped me shed the ivory tower academic mindset that everything has to be perfect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was amazing. To give us this space to have fun and show up was priceless."

- Kelli


"Thank you, Erin, for creating this space. It was so fun to watch everybody get more confident as the week went on.

It definitely helped me get over some worries I had. I surprised myself with how much I jumped in here. Thinking about doing this on my business page or group - it was a little intimidating but I know this challenge helped me get over that and now I can start to move forward.

This was awesome. If there’s another level to this, I will join it!"

- Betsy

"I am the queen of learning what to do but stall when it's time to put it into action. I have been learning everything that goes into launching my online weight loss coaching business and know what I should be doing. But I've been stuck in actually putting myself out there and doing.

Erin's challenge provided that safe, encouraging environment where I practiced doing the things I need to do. It gave me confidence to finally get out of my own way and launch my first FB Live on my business page to the world.

To date, the replay has had over 1,800 views and I have received so much positive feedback. I know I'd still be stuck in that passive learning mode if I hadn't done the FB Live Challenge with Erin. Now I get to do what inspired me to start my business in the first place - help stressed career women lose weight and feel successful."

- Michelle


"I was a little unsure about taking part in the challenge as I have been doing Facebook Lives for a while. However, after listening to Erin’s encouraging and warm welcome, I decided I had nothing to lose. I am so glad I joined everyone.

Despite only being a five-day challenge it was amazing how quickly bonds were formed; it was wonderful to be able to jump on a live and know that everyone was holding each other’s backs; especially the wonderful Erin. I hugely welcomed the chance to try out new things and not worry about things going wrong; this was a safe space where it really didn’t matter. In just five short days, I had the chance to try out my new tripod, my new earphones, sit outside to check signal, and make my first unscripted debut with little make-up on.

Each day it was lovely to see Erin’s video, willing us on and sharing new tips. Erin’s warmth, gentle demeanour and contagious laugh made me immediately feel I had known her for ages.

I have left the challenge feeling so much more relaxed within my own group. I feel more confident and authentic – for so long I have been aware of how easy it is to put on a façade in front of that camera. I now feel I am well on the way to being the ‘real’ me; something I know is essential if I am to connect with those women who need me."

-Yvonne, yvonnejfox.com



"When I commit to something, I do it. What appealed to me about this group was that I knew I'd get to know other people. There were so many videos. This was really successful. What was amazing is that video really is a way to connect with other people. I feel like I know certain people more than others just from watching their videos."

- Brenda Adelman, Story Coach and On-Stage Performance Mentor



“It was a pleasure to be on this journey. I learned not to be afraid to be myself, keep going even if I make mistakes, getting comfortable looking in the right place. The confidence that you hold oozes out and is very attractive…. Thank you Erin for doing this. You’re a blessing. You’re awesome. You are a bonafide overcomer. Thank you for helping us all out.”

- Eboney


When you’re done with this course, live video will be easier for you than writing all those posts, digging for pictures and quotes, and paying for graphics. You can just say it and be done with it.  


Simple is beautiful. 


You’ll be free of everything that’s keeping you stuck, scared, and confused about how to show up for your people as YOU. 

You’ll know exactly how to leverage yourself (and your face) as the expert in your field in all the right places online. 

You’ll be magnetic in your REAL personality and be able to show off who you truly are, which is exactly what your clients are looking for. 


Be seen. Be heard. Change the freakin' world.


8 weeks 1:1
Weekly 1-hour calls
Unlimited email access
For JUST $2500 


This is a very special one-time-only offer. I have ONLY TWO spots left. 

This is only for the people who have gone through the 5-day challenge and need some guidance to push forward.


Doors Close Tuesday, April 18th at 11:59 pm CST


Here's what to do next:

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  • Once received, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule our first session together. Yahoo!

Doors Close Tuesday, April 18th at 11:59 pm CST


Cheers to your success!

P.S. - This 8-week program is designed to help you rise above everyone else out there who’s too scared to even try videos or has no training whatsoever. This is an edge for you by showing you exactly how to hone in on your true self, bring the best of you to your clients, and communicate all of your value faster and more effectively. 

P.P.S. - For just $2500 (the most affordable program I have) you can stop wondering how to be visible and leverage yourself online to finally be seen, get insane confidence you’ve never had, and start making money. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're wasting more money and time doing it the wrong way. I'm here to free you from that. 

P.P.P.S. - This is only available to ONLY TWO more people and this program will NEVER exist again. Get it while you can before someone else does and then blows you out of the water. People from the challenge have already seen incredible results just by implementing 1 week of ideas. Imagine what can happen after 8 weeks together with my eyes on all your stuff. 


Questions? Shoot me an email: erin@erinkmonaghan.com