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Help your child stop getting upset about every little thing and feel more confident. 

Your daughter bursts into tears and loudly cries when the snow cone truck doesn't come to the park like she hoped.

Your son yells at himself and throws his toys across the room for making tiny mistakes, like dropping his toothbrush in the sink.

She never wants to try a new sport because she thinks she's going to mess up and look stupid. 

He refuses to wear his favorite shirt ever again because someone made fun of him once.  

She sits in the back of the class and doesn't raise her hand, even though she knows the answers. 


You're lost on how to help them feel better.

You're in agony watching them in agony.

You've asked teachers, other parents, and even doctors for help.

You've scoured internet forums and online support groups.

You've come up with nothing. Again.


It sucks to feel helpless and alone.

You're the parent. You're supposed to have the answers, right?

You'd give anything to help your kid feel more confident, happier, and like everything was going to be okay.

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I've been where you are.

I know what it feels like to be desperate for answers and like no one has them.

It wasn't that long ago that my first grader was having huge emotional meltdowns in front of his classmates and teachers. He would hit himself when he couldn't tie his shoes right the first time. He refused to try anything that he wasn't already good at, and he had overly-sensitive reactions to change of any kind.

It killed me to watch this happening to him. It was worse when I couldn't find the answers I needed to help.

It never just affects the child either. It impacted our entire family. We were spending more time calming him down and walking on eggshells than enjoying our time together.

It’s not your fault this is happening. And it’s not your fault that you can’t find help.

The answers simply haven’t existed until now.


I've spent my entire life overcoming my own perfectionism and lack of self worth. Over the last 10 years I've researched and implemented a revolutionary concept called growth mindset in my own life and in my children.

In a growth mindset, there are three main ideas:  

- We learn by making mistakes and making a mess.

- We must celebrate those mistakes and messes if we are to instill in our kids the notion that learning is fun. (And it really is.)

- Screwing up makes us better humans.


This work changed everything for me and my family. It was the solution I had been searching for. It turned everything I thought was hopeless into a situation I could easily fix.

And it happened faster than I thought possible.

I'm on a mission to share it so you can change and empower your own kids.


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You don't have to feel confused or lost about how to help your child anymore.

You don't have to live a life of walking on eggshells and wondering when the next meltdown is coming.

You don't have to cross your fingers, hoping it'll work itself out, but secretly feeling like a failure.


What if instead you had a child who:

- Felt confident in who he or she is

- Couldn’t wait to try new things

- Enjoyed learning

- Knew he or she could figure out how to solve problems

- Loved a challenge

- Stood as a leader in their peer group

- Felt proud

- Felt calm and happy


This exact shift happened in my own home.

The problem is no one knows how simple it can be.

Which is exactly why I created this program: Building Confident Kids

Inside, I’ll show you what's going on under the surface, give you the tools to help your kids reverse it, and help you implement these practical strategies in real time.

When you can get to the root of the problem and help your kids release the negative thoughts standing in their way, they are free to become their best selves. Their potential skyrockets and they are happy and calm. Bonus: Because this work is specific to their thinking, you are actively setting up your children to feel this way for life.


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Here's the breakdown of what we’ll do together in this program:  

WEEK 1 - Develop a growth mindset

- Ignite their motivation to try new things
- Teach them to take responsibility
- Help them have fun with their mistakes
- Change their perspective from negative to positive thinking

WEEK 2 - Cope with stress

- See fewer meltdowns, tears, and tummy aches
- Teach them to regulate their own emotions
- Increase their patience level (and yours)
- Help them improve brain functioning

WEEK 3 - Build Confidence & Self-esteem

- Develop their leadership skills and instill a natural resistance to peer pressure
- Reduce their social anxiety
- Empower them to take on new challenges
- Destroy people-pleasing

WEEK 4 - Solve problems

- Lead them from helpless to confident problem-solver
- Encourage them into taking on bigger challenges
- Teach them to think outside the box and get creative
- Fine tune their decision-making abilities

WEEK 5 - Set & Reach goals

- Train them to take pride in their progress
- Grow their sense of self-worth
- Help them become more motivated
- Teach them how to feel personal satisfaction

WEEK 6 - Develop Grit & Resilience

- Show them how to try again without fear
- Teach them to leverage their gifts and strengths
- Coach them to bounce back from mistakes
- Empower them to love themselves.

WEEK 7 - Teach Kindness & Build Character

- Show them how to care about the world and think of others
- Teach them to foster better relationships
- Train them in thinking more positive emotions
- Learn how to foster better coping skills

WEEK 8 - Encourage Risk Taking

- Help them overcome fear
- Teach them to take more risks and consider their choices
- Empower them to change anything they want in life
- Cultivate a thirst for knowledge

WEEK 9 - Overcome the Fear of Failure

- Help them believe in themselves again
- Lower their risk for depression
- Teach them to see setbacks as opportunities
- Encourage persistence, compassion and action-taking


What you get when you join: 

  • Nine weeks power-packed live sessions

  • Access to practical strategies, activities, resources and support you can apply immediately

  • Access to a private Facebook community where I am available to answer your questions and troubleshoot on the spot


You get all of this life-changing material and my expertise for just $997, or three payments of $350 each.

We start August 1st.

EARLY BIRD PRICING if you sign up by July 4th @ 11:59pm CST:
- 50% off the cost of the entire course (Only $497! Price doubles to $997 after July 4th)
- Get a free copy of Celebrate Your Mistakes Activity Book PDF download


Click here to reserve your spot. (Price doubles after July 4th)

This is only available to 10 parents in order for me to guide you up close.

It’s time to help YOU help your children to overcome these struggles.

It's so much easier to make the shifts when they're young.

The best part is that the work you do with your children will naturally be instilled when they become parents, and when your grandchildren become parents, and so on. We are breaking patterns for good so that no one has to suffer this way ever again.

So you're not just healing your child. You're saving multiple generations from suffering.

Reserve your spot today.

Questions? Email me directly.