You’re not the entrepreneur sitting around hoping things will just happen.

You’re using every spare moment you’ve got to make this thing work.

You’ve purchased a few programs helter-skelter, but noticed that they didn’t always connect. Some people do mindset stuff. Other people do Facebook ads and websites.

How do they go together?

It’s left you with gaps in your business know-how that you aren’t sure how to handle.

I’ve spent the last year coming up with programs, challenges and courses to help go-getters like you get off their asses and start getting results.

It’s actually not hard to do at all... if you have the right steps in place.

Enter Business in a Box.

It’s a combo of my bestselling programs, courses and includes a 1:1 with me, for 80% off.

Inside, you get:

1 - Ooh La La Money  

The super-popular training to show you how to reframe your thinking about money, in just 5 days.

The way you think and see money affects how it shows up in your life. As long as you’re fighting with it, you’ll never be at peace. Change your mindset around it and watch how it starts showing up for you differently. ($197 value)

Includes five pre-recorded sessions with accompanying workbooks.


2 - Out of the F.O.G. (Fear, Obligation, & Guilt)

Stop the cycle of caring about what everyone thinks. Every time you do what someone else wants instead of taking care of yourself, you lose money. You can't be the BOSS if you live to fulfill other people's needs.

When you stop doing that, you can finally serve your clients at the highest and best level. Perhaps most important, you can FEEL GOOD. ($497 value)

Includes four weeks of mindset and confidence training to help you start listening and trusting yourself, instead of living for everyone else. Four pre-recorded audio lessons with accompanying fillable workbooks.


3 - Momentum + Money

Frustrated by your lack of traction in business? Struggling to figure out what to do to gain momentum?

Inside this program are the steps to create a clear plan and process to run your successful online business, so you can go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to having a step-by-step proven formula that works. When you have the right systems & structures in place, making money is easy. ($1497 value)

Includes 12 weeks of mastery on how to implement every system & structure that can uplevel your business and attract your clients. 12 weekly modules with pre-recorded audios and workbooks.



Top it all off with a 30-minute 1:1 call with me to hash out the details, answer your burning questions and have my eyes on your business.

No more screwing around.


What would be like to have complete clarity and know-how to take your business to the next level?

What would it feel like to have a road map that took you turn-by-turn to build the life of your dreams?

Imagine ….

  • Business being easy and fun.

  • Knowing exactly where your next sale was coming from.

  • Amazing clients that can’t wait to work with you

  • Freedom from your deepest fears about what other people think

  • Controlling the outcome of your own life.

  • Making decisions fearlessly and confidently that propel you forward.

  • Finding your tribe by being 100% yourself.

This is what I’ve got for you to make all that (and more) happen for yourself.

And that? Leaves you getting exactly what you want.

No more excuses.

Success. Right now.




Investment: $997 or three payments of $349 each.

That’s $3000+ in knowledge, experience, materials, hacks and exclusive 1:1 access to me — for just $997.



These 3 programs plus 1:1 time with me gives you everything you need to get your business off the ground and making money. That’s why I call it business-in-a-box because I’ve assembled it all for you, packaged it with a nice bow, and slapped a fat discount on it.

Why? Because, Sugar Tits, I'm on a mission to help you change your life forever, so you never sell yourself short again.

Ready to sign up? 


To your success!

P.S. If you keep going at it alone, you’re wasting time and money doing it wrong, reinforcing those bad habits even more, and holding success away from you by refusing to acknowledge what you already know - you need more help.

P.P.S. This is only available until FRIDAY for fast action-takers. Get it while you can before someone else does, and then you see them all over the place with their amazing transformation, snagging clients right and left.

The last thing you need is one more person showing off their awesomeness while you’re still struggling.


Questions? Shoot me an email