"I could really go for a glass of wine and my own private island right now."

I always say I want to vacation alone. My husband laughs at me .... he's so much more social than I am. But nope, I would be perfectly content to get away and be by myself for a few days. (Maybe not forever. That's depressing.)

I joke that introverts need a cave or an island we can each retreat to when we're feeling overwhelmed. When we want to escape the world and just live in denial. 

Today I'm adding PRIVATE ISLAND to my dream board. 

Yep. You heard me. 

Private. Island. 

Which then means I'll need a private plane and take some flying lessons. Or a boat. 

Think I'm crazy??

You're probably right! :)

3 months ago this kind of dream was laughable. LOL literally "in your dreams." Who actually thinks they can make that happen?? FOOLS!

And then .... I changed my mindset to think about things differently (thanks to my amazing coach and support system from other like-minded women). Opening my heart and my thoughts to my TRUE desires. Making a shameless list of the things I really want in this world.

Not what I SHOULD want, or what I'm comfortable telling other people that I want.... or what's "reasonable".... but what I want. 

I want the big, beautiful house. 

I STILL want a pony. #ponies4lifeyall

I want vacations at the drop of a hat. 

Now I want my own private island. 

Because WHY NOT??? Why shouldn't we have the things we dream of? Who says we can't?

One life you guys. We have ONE life here and why NOT shoot for the moon? Don't you deserve it?

Its not enough to settle for the life that we stumbled into. Its not enough to tell ourselves that it will "just get better" and wait for magic beans to fall from the sky and solve our problems on accident.

People that look "lucky" aren't lucky. They made it happen for themselves. (surprise!)

Have you ever thought about making those dreams happen?

What do you truly desire that, if you could learn how to get it, you'd go for it??

The only reason you think you can't have these things is because your mind is limiting you. When you break free of the limits you've put on yourself... amazing things start to happen.

My new program, Broke to Badass, is all about teaching you how to get these desires to actually for real happen in your life. I want these things for you too. You can have them now! They're waiting for you.

Check it out here. And then come join me on my new island.

I'd love to know what's on YOUR list of desires. Comment below and share!