Map out how to achieve your goals in 5 easy, specific steps

Hey friend, 

Know why you’re not reaching your goals?

Simple: They aren’t specific enough. 

When you start this journey, you naturally think in big steps. Big goals like:

“I want to make 6-figures” 
Or “I want to quit my job”
Or “I want a better quality of life for my family"

Those are great, but they’re not gonna actually get you anywhere. 

As my mentor Becky says, those are “half-assed goals” that have no measurable piece to them.

You never make any real progress to get there, and you’re confused as to why.    

How are you gonna get from A to B without a map? Deciding to have goals is a big important step, but where most people FAIL is taking action to make them actually come true. They dink around, try this and that, and then ultimately give up when it doesn’t work.

You have to get a super specific plan in place and then DO IT. Determine exactly what you need, how to get there, and work backwards to the tiniest step that needs to get done.

I’d heard this from experts a bajillion times, but until someone actually sat down with me to go through it, I didn’t understand. 

I’m gonna lay this out for you right now so you are free from excuses about why your dreams aren’t happening: 


Let’s say you wanna quit your job, but you need enough clients to replace your income first.  

1. What is my monthly income I need to replace? (example: $5000)

2. How many clients do I need to reach this amount? 

This is a simple equation of what your packages cost and how many clients it takes to reach the big income number. 

So 2 clients/month @ $2500 each = $5000/month  

3. How do I get the clients?? 

More math:

(A) I know that the average sales rate is 1%-3% from an email list, so (B) how big do I need my list to be in order to bring in that # of clients? 

For every 100 people, you can assume at least 1 client (1%). 

So, If you need 2 clients a month, that’s ~200 on your email list. 

4. How many people am I adding to my list each week? 

If you’re not adding ANYone, you need to create a plan to add people to your list. This could be paid traffic, engagement in Facebook groups, blogs, etc. What are you offering people that will make them want to give you their email address? 

5. How do I know if I’m doing enough marketing? 

Are you satisfying the need of 200/month? If not, then you need to bump up what you’re doing. The easiest way to measure this is through paid traffic where you can easily see daily reports of your opt-ins. 


There’s your basic plan to bringing in more clients. 

Simple, right?

You’ve totally got this. Get specific and watch things change for you. 

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