My “you’ve got to be kidding me" step-by-step process of my first (total disaster) sales funnel

Learning the process of a sales funnel is no piece of cake. The moment you realize what you’re taking on (which is usually about half way through), you want to go hide in a hole, set fire to your business, and go back the zombie-grindstone that was your 9-5 life. 


I’m here to tell you it’ll NEVER be this hard again, I promise. I’m giving you the essential 5 parts of a funnel to save you time & energy, BUT FIRST…  

Please enjoy my maiden voyage into the process that makes us all think twice about what the hell we’ve gotten ourselves into:

  • Come up with amazeballs offer idea
  • Create pretty graphics so you stand out
  • Create an ad campaign around it 
  • Haha just kidding, learn Facebook Ads first
  • Resize all the graphics to fit what you just learned
  • {Get a glass of wine}
  • Create a landing page
  • Nope, learn about landing pages and play with templates for entirely too long
  • Realize you don’t need a template and just drag/drop a form box 
  • Ready to add people to your list
  • Wait, what is this thing about “automate emails”?
  • {Second glass of wine}
  • Learn mailchimp emails & create email series
  • Ah you’re done
  • Nope your not. WTF tracking pixel? 
  • I forgot to add the link here. 
  • And here. 
  • Test funnel
  • {Finishing bottle}
  • Troubleshoot why it didn’t work
  • Cursing
  • Solved. Almost. 
  • Realize you forgot to actually create & upload the offer to send….

This is a real story. LAUGH. Don’t freak out. It’s never been this bad again! I learned a boatload and now it goes much, much easier. 

So, how do you create a basic funnel? I'mma break it down for you and get a little deeper.

All you need is 5 BASIC PIECES:

1. Your offer:

This is what you’re giving your peeps for free. 

You might have opt-ed in to my list via an audio training / cheat sheet / money series. Create something useful for your audience that helps them. It also begins the process of finding out if you’re each a good fit for each other. Record an audio, create a PDF, video trainings are getting popular as well. 

Why do you need this?? You need email addresses to continue to market yourself, so you gotta give people something they want in exchange. 

2. Your ads:

I use Facebook ads. Use the Power Editor to write more copy, edit more deeply, and get more specific about what you wanna do. It takes a little learning to get it, but I promise it’s not hard. Try a few things, you’ll figure it out. 

KEY TIP: the more you ask your audience to do, the more Facebook will charge you. For example, my 4-part audio series (almost an hour’s worth of material) was converting at about $3-$4/click. My 1-page PDF cheat sheet converts at $1 or less. Make sense? 

Why do you need this?? Paid traffic is one of the fastest, most effective ways available to share your stuff to a specific audience. Facebook reaches 1.5 billion people all over the world. If you wanna grow your biz fast, do not overlook this option. 

3. Your landing page:

Everyone gets hung up on this one, but it’s not scary. It's how you collect emails. A single page you create via a 3rd party host that your audience puts their email into and subscribes. + are 2 of the big ones. 

KEY TIP — make your landing page photo MATCH your ad photo. This helps people know they’re in the right place and not some random link that feels like spam. I like my pictures big, so I just use them as the whole background. Done. 

Why do you need this?? This is the easiest way to take information from people that click on your ad and get them into your list.  

4. Your email service:

Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact… these are emailing services that help you design & send campaigns to your people. You can create “lists” (designated groups) and link your landing page to send all the email addresses it collects to a specific list. 

Why do you need this?? Being able to email thousands of people at a time is now super easy and attractive. Plus it’s automatically growing since you linked it to your landing page, which is linked to your ad, which is being broadcast worldwide. :)

5. Your autoresponders:

Inside your email program of choice, there’s a function that allows you to set up an email series. Set this up to deliver your opt-in offer immediately when someone subscribes. 

Why do you need this?? So you don’t have to jump every time you see someone subscribe and send them the goods, or worse, forget about them completely. It’s done for you. That’s worth its weight in gold. 


YOU DID IT.  I’ll be honest, the first time I did this it took about 2 weeks. So if you’re just starting, give yourself ample time. There’s lots of pieces to think about, but once you pop the funnel cherry, every time after will be a breeze. 

AND -- Don't forget to test out the whole funnel! You'll find a few bugs you didn't know were there. 


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