How I got my business up & running in less than 3 months

You’ve started a business to get freedom in your life… More money, more time, & more fun. 


So, why isn’t it working like you hoped? 

You’re overwhelmed with information and still stressed about money. 

You’re sick of not having a foolproof plan that brings in the clients you want. 

Girlfriend, I get you. 

I got my business up & running in less than 3 months. 

For real, I thought it would take a year to get a start-up off the ground (cause that's what you hear, right?). It’s "supposed to be" this long, laborious process and chances are slanted against you that you’re gonna fail. 

It’s time to buck the system. You only fail if you give up. 

I’ll let you in on a secret: I'm NOT special.

I'm your average everyday girl. BUT I’m just as good as anyone else who has a dream. If they can do it, so can I. All I was? Was someone that wanted it.

HINT: You are all of these things too. 


How can you get your business up & running FAST like I did? 

1. Get an expert to help you. 

  • The biggest reason I moved fast is because I had help from someone who'd already been there/done that.
  • You'll skip a lot of confusing pieces of the puzzle, save yourself a ton of mistakes, and learn what works.
  • You also have access to someone who can answer your questions when you get stuck.  

2. Nail down your ideal client. 

  • Who are you helping? Why do they need you? What’s the biggest driving problem they have? 
  • Take as much time as you need to get specific about this person. It might even be YOU from a few months ago. 

3. Get your website up. 

  • This doesn’t have to be fancy or hard. I use squarespace & It’s very user-friendly. 
  • Do a few basic pages: About Me, Work With Me, Contact Me
  • Done is better than perfect. Do not set up camp here for more than a week.

4. Come up with an offer that you can promote.

  • What’s something small that would attract your client? Solve something for them & give it away for free.
  • This can be an audio recording, a PDF, or even a video
  • Package this up to look nice (use for graphics)

5. Set up a sales funnel to share that amazing offer!

  • Check out my other email about what a sales funnel entails (link)
  • Let it loose! See what happens. Track your stats & adjust things. 
  • This is one big experiment. Give it time. Try different things. (This is where that expert comes in handy again)

BOOM. You’re rockin & rollin. How does it feel?? 


What excuses are you making that are keeping you from doing what you want? 


Seriously. Comment below & tell me.

I help women just like you map out what needs to be done, show you how to do to it, and then we actually do it. 

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