How to help your creative child use their gifts to succeed

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As some of you know, I'm a designer running my own business.... working with amazing entrepreneurs all over the world. It's amazing, I love it. I'm so privileged to have found a way to carve out something that uses my talents and skills and I love doing it every day. 

What you don't know is what I'm really passionate about underneath the surface. 

I get to do what I love because I fought for it. There were no books on how to do this. There is no how-to (despite the facebook ads you see running rampant). In fact, it's highly suggested that if you have a "how-to" manual, then you're doing it wrong. 😀 

I was guided and inspired and at the right place / right time, and I've invested HEAVILY in myself over and over to get to where I am now. 


What I want now is to fight for others. Fight for the next generation. 


Right now there's an epidemic of people that hate their jobs and are depressed because they think they "have to" do this/that kind of work because they believe THEIR NATURAL GIFTS cannot support them. 

(You gotta eat right?) 


Right now there's kids in school that feel stupid. They're frustrated. Pressured. Compared to their test scores. Thinking that their whole worth is caught up in their grades and the number that comes home on a report card. School is hard for them and they think something is "wrong with them" because everyone else appears to have it easy.


(You gotta learn right?) 


Often these are kids that have gifts in other areas that society doesn't reward or highlight or place any value on. The creative areas that get shoved under the rug, DEFUNDED, cut short, ..... 


You already know if this is you or your child. They excel in something like













Even sports or fitness


We used to be those kids that were taught we had to fit into the box of  "school" (a one-size-fits-all approach that we know by now does not work well) .... and if you're lousy at school, well then you suck at life and good luck getting a job.  


Because in order to get a job you gotta go to college and get a degree in something like finance or be a doctor so you can make money. Those "marketable skills" we can spot so well. 


So maybe you did that and maybe college was even hard for you. 

You are now an adult that feels stupid. 

Like you're not good at anything. 

And you have a job that gets you by, but given a winning lottery ticket you would quit like yesterday. 


You sold out into a profession in order to SURVIVE and its totally unfulfilling, and you would give anything to go back in time to change it. But at the time you didn't know any better and there wasn't the option to do what you actually wanted. 

I did it too. I know exactly what you're up against.

We've been told we cant use our creative skills the way we want because it's not practical in the real world.

"You won't make any money" 

"What are you going to DO with that?"

"How are you going to eat??"


So we stuff our talents and gifts down and ignore them, believing we will starve if we chase them. 

A few things are different today, but mostly the message is the same:

Find something safe. 

Get a degree in something secure. 

Doesn't matter if you LIKE IT or not.... 


If this pattern doesn't stop, our kids are destined to repeat it. 

It's already happening. 

And as good parents we want our kids to NOT repeat our mistakes right? 

AND if you're a parent with a creative child, you already can see the things they don't want to do (or aren't good at doing) starting to crush their little souls. 

Yes they have to go to school and get through it. They'll be ok. 


BUT WHAT IF there was another place where they could THRIVE?

Somewhere they could be totally themselves and be SUCCESSFUL at it, and through that experience it would minimize / offset all that school crap where they struggle (or just don't care).

I had the hardest time figuring out my own major in school .... not because I wasn't smart or had very few options. I was top 10% of my class. I had every option available to me. I had a hard time deciding because I just DIDN'T CARE! I already knew I would hate going into anything with numbers. Or engineering. Or business. 

Some people know exactly where they plug into the world and they're delighted being a dentist or an accountant - but for everyone else.... there's more out there. 

And those are the people I'm talking to. 


Where do you go to shine?

There's very little out there today that encourages this AND shows you how to use it to make money. 


No one else is doing it so I'm doing it. 


Your gifts are yours for a reason. 

They're meant to be used & shared. They were given to you for your greatest JOY.

The next generation deserves more.


I'm starting a movement to help kids harness their potential NOW before they get jaded by the world and caught up in all the "shoulds"


Who's it for:

- Kids who prefer the creative stuff (music, art, dance, theater, etc)

- Kids that have a hard time in school because their gifts are elsewhere (I believe there is nothing WRONG with your child, we simply live in a broken system)

- Kids that rock at school ....  but they just don't fucking care about MATH.

- Parents who want to support the growth-mindset of their child to help them succeed doing what they love


Adults can gain from this too, but the focus here is the next generation.


My goal is to teach kids how to access and use their gifts & talents... follow the things they love to do.... and show them how to leverage it to make money. 


Benefits of teaching them how to do this (especially at an early age):

- They love what they do

- They never struggle with their skill set because they're already good at it

- Work becomes FUN

- They make more money

- They can leverage it to build a life they love and share their gifts with the world

- It trickles down to every generation after this



What does it look like? 

The movement is just starting... so it's only going to grow.  I can only teach the art side of things, but there's other people that will be supporting music / dance / etc... (trust me you don't want me to sing)

1. Subscribe to the Youtube channel 

2. Join the conversation in the free Facebook group

3. Visit the website and download free coloring sheets for your kids. 


If you're interested.... if you have a kid like this, if you ARE a kid like this (adult kids welcome!), ..... comment below, join the group, get in on the action!

PLEASE SHARE this message - I want to reach as many families as possible and help as many kids as possible. 

Post any questions below. Watch for more updates 😀