{How Do You Shine?} Day 1 - Your gifts.

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“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

— Jon Bunyan

Your business runs on your passion. The thing you're best at. You read the books, nailed that zone of genius and are out there sharing it with the world.

How can you shine BRIGHTER with your own skills?

Our gifts or talents are ours, but they are not just here for us. They're given to be shared with others.

When we unselfishly share, we find deeper fulfillment. We don't wait for recognition, we simply find the joy in doing what we do best and know others (and ourselves) are benefitting.

Our gifts or talents are also our strengths.

Gallup conducted research on people who use their strengths every day and how it affects their performance and overall, their quality of life.

The key points they found in the research are as follows:

a. Improved health and wellness
b. Experienced less worry, stress, anger, sadness or physical pain
c. Boost positive emotions
d. More energy to face the day
e. Higher engagement level on the task at hand

(Of course these are the results - that's why doing what you LOVE feels so good)

> How can you go to that next level in your own work?

For me, it means quality over quantity. Slowing down to create amazing pieces of art and design, instead of rushing to just share anything and everything. It means posting less in order to show better work. My best work.

Which is something I never gave to myself at a job - there was always a deadline or a boss who only liked it one way.

And I stopped allowing myself the freedom of creativity. Sketching ideas. Leaning into them. Really playing with concepts as I did in school, and letting amazing ideas flow.

You can't do that in the corporate world (a huge reason you left). But you can in YOUR world.

> How can you imagine your skills differently in your life right now? Because you get to create it.

> Do you need to slow down so you can use them properly? Do you need to show up in new places so people can find you easily?

> Take 5 minutes and ask yourself where you're NOT showing your gifts the way you really could.

Tell me in the comments where you're committing to make one shift in how you SHINE:

- Erin 

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