{How Do You Shine?} Day 2 - Stop setting yourself up to feel like shit.

Dont compare yourself to others.jpg

Comparison breeds self-judgment, stress, anxiety, and kills joy.

Not to mention all the time & energy you're wasting.

You shine brighter when you STOP comparing, stay in your lane, and only focus on how far YOU'VE come.

It's apples to oranges.

You're a unique specimen with a unique purpose. You only dim yourself by making unfair comparisons with others when they don't have the same purpose, passions, or skills.

Just like your business, your brand, and everything else you create, you're one-of-a-kind.

Time to act like it.

Be the best at being YOU. (No one else can do it)


Personal branding is how you show your uniqueness online.

Want to look like no one else? Get branding that shines as unique as you HERE.

- Erin 

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