{How Do You Shine?} Day 3 - Speak Up

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I was nicknamed "sweden" in college because I played the neutral zone.

Every political test I took, I scored right in the middle.
I pissed people off because I took both sides of an argument. 

I was also the kid in class who knew the answers and was afraid to raise her hand.
I didn't want to be wrong.
I didn't want to be embarrassed.
So in order to avoid looking stupid (and being called on), I hid in the back row.

And I hid my real opinions in order to be liked. 

Which meant no one respected me, no one asked me, and I disappeared in conversation. 

It's ruined friendships, it almost ruined my marriage, and 100% affected my business. 


I've lived most of my life in the middle. 

And what I've learned is that it's a GREAT way to never get noticed, be criticized, be uncomfortable, and avoid growth. 


And that's not what I'm here for. 

I've never won a popularity contest, so why start now?
Also - who cares? What is this, middle school?


You can't complain that no one hears you or listens when you don't speak up. You can't complain you don't have clients when you're afraid to speak truth and polarize someone.


Your impact only goes as far as you're willing to put yourself out there to be seen and heard. 

Keep camouflaging the real you? You disappear all together.

It serves no one. 
You lose respect. 
People don't trust you.

---> When what you really want is to be the go-to source. 

No one hires you to be their friend.
People hire you for results. 

So start acting (and showing) that you know what you're doing. 

Grab attention - in your voice AND visuals.

Make waves speaking truth AND showing the real you online. 


Guess what? The real you *probably* isn't a gold scripty font. Just a hunch. Quit trying to look like everyone else. 

Get UNcomfortable with your brand - get outside the damn box and lets make something amazing. 

Your message matters. 
But your branding matters more. 
People see you before they hear you. 

Design is never an afterthought in any other market. It shouldn't be an afterthought in your business either. 

Intent on reaching millions with your message? 

Your playing small does not serve the world.

Draw your line in the sand today. RISE to the next level of yourself and be seen. 


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