Everything is happening FOR you. Here’s how fear keeps you from seeing the gifts:

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Last week I was sitting in the doctor’s office for 4 hours, waiting to get my blood drawn.

That nasty glucose test you have to take if you’re pregnant? Nastier if you have to do the long version of a needle in your arm every hour.

And I knew I had to take this test. I knew it for a whole week and I was just MISERABLE about it. Snappy, grumpy, and a fucking delight to be around.

I know enough mindset tricks by now to recognize when I’m in a foul mood. And I can usually work myself out of it by journaling through what’s going on (million dollar stress hack - get it out on paper).

But sometimes I ignore it (like this one) and allow myself to just wallow. There are times you gotta do things you don’t wanna do, right? Suck it up and move on with life, even if you’re uncomfortable. It will end. Life will go on. No one is dying.

I had other things to do that week, so I neglected to process this feeling, and while it seems like a very small inconvenience (it was), it’s a GREAT example of how our brains can run away with our emotions if left unchecked.

The morning of the test, I’m in the shower anticipating the hunger I’m going to feel.

Did I mention they make you fast for 12 hours? It’s not the end of the world unless you’re pregnant, already cranky, haven’t slept, and got sick the last time you had to do this.

(See what I mean?)

And in that moment of early solitude, I finally started asking myself WHY I was freaking out so badly about this.

  • I was annoyed it was happening at all. I’d been fine with my 2 other kids.

  • I’d been eating much better with this pregnancy and taking better care of myself. Hell, I’d only gained 8 lbs so far. (The nurse told me this had nothing to do with it, but it still felt unfair)

  • I didn’t want to feel sick all day… AGAIN. It was like that feeling you have in college when you stay up all night working on a project and then force your way through the day on an entire pot of coffee.

  • I’m already hungry. What if I pass out? What if I vomit? What if it goes terribly wrong and I have to do this AGAIN? Lord help me.

  • 100 other things I won’t list here like traffic, a stabby lab lady, no outlets for my laptop, etc.

Whine whine whine! I’m the victim! Poor me!

All of these negative thoughts swirled around in my head for a WEEK. Logically, I know people do this all the time, no one dies, you will get through it, it’s not like you’re NOT gonna do it, just fucking CHILL out, man. And I have this argument with myself because I don’t want to take the time to do the work.  

It finally hits me (in the shower)...

This is actually a GIFT.

I was just gifted with 4+ hours of alone time.

No kids will be there to interrupt me.

I have plenty of time to get anything done that I want if/before the sugar crash happens.

I have wifi access and all of my tech stuff with me to entertain me.

Omg this is gonna be GREAT! It’s like a mini vacation!

… And I got on that train of thought instead.

Yes it might be uncomfortable for a little while, but I have a million distractions and more time than I usually have to do what I need to do today, all before noon.

I could have chosen this thought path days before, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.

We can always choose. There are great things inside of the uncomfortable things if we choose to look for them.

It’s easier to look for - and find - the negative... but we end up using our energy on worry or fear. And then we take it out on the people around us.

It can be inconsequential little things that just feel like a pain in the ass, but we give them immense power to lurk in the back of our brains and not even realize what’s going on.

Your brain is not programmed to find the positives. It’s programmed to look for dangers and problems in order to keep you alive. You have to intentionally override this survival mechanism.

But the point is - you have the power to do so.

Which is why it’s important to KEEP NOTICING. Even when you think you’ve mastered this mindset game? You haven’t. It goes on forever. You’re always going to be going another level deeper, until you die.

I created this graphic (at the top) for you while I was sitting in the waiting room as a reminder that things are happening FOR you, not TO you… if you’re willing to look.

We have to stop long enough to see it.

We have to choose it.

We have to decide we’re not going to sit in our shit pile and be a victim.

We have to search for the gift.

It’s always there, trying to show us something important about ourselves.

And what I learned is that it has the power to alter your entire day.

I chose to see my undesirable task at hand in a new light.

I ended up feeling fine.

None of those horrible things happened (they almost never do).

Time flew by.

I made friends with the lab lady.

Bonus: I found a vending machine with cherry coke on my way out (my favorite).

You can choose to look at things completely differently than how you’re seeing them right now.

You are not the victim, no matter how MUCH it might feel like that’s the case. You always have the opportunity to change your position and search for what the universe is trying to teach you right now.

It’s not always easy or fun to do this. I can think of hundreds of times when I just needed to be mad, hurt, or blame someone else in the moment. It also doesn’t mean we don’t have real feelings and just put on a brave front. That’s not real.

You have the power to choose the thoughts that are running around in your brain. You can change them anytime. Even if it takes you a week to notice they even exist.

Once you do, you can flip it around and find the silver lining in anything. And when that happens, you’re back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Save this graphic at the top. Use it as your background on your phone to remind yourself daily that it’s all FOR you and your evolution as a person.

You will be EXACTLY as happy as you DECIDE to be

Choose Happiness.jpg

Money won't buy happiness for you.
The perfect relationship won't fill your needs.
Kids? Definitely not (lol)

“STUFF” does not = happiness. 

If it did, we wouldn't keep trying to obtain more of it. 

If you're waiting around for the stuff to make you happy?
To actually start your life?
To feel like you've made it?
You're successful NOW that ___ happened?

You’ll be waiting your entire life to feel good.

Because you're focused in the wrong place. 

How many times looking back were you waiting for that next big thing? 

- Wait to graduate
- Wait to get that perfect job or promotion
- Wait to get married 
- Wait to have kids

... and then, THEN we'll have it all. We'll feel great. Life will be complete.

I had it all and I was left wondering what was wrong with me because it didn't make me happy. 

We aren't waiting. We're WASTING a bunch of time thinking it's the next thing in your life that's gonna solve it all. That's gonna finally “make” you happy. 

If the job, the spouse, the picket fence, your friends or the kids didn’t do it.... why do you think it’ll all be magically solved when your business hits that next goal? 

Deep down, you know it won't

The trick? 

Find gratitude for right now. This moment. HERE. No matter how shitty it feels.  

I live in Nashville, and I'm in this neighborhood-watch facebook group. Someone started whining about how it's too crowded now. And yeah, Nashville is this popular spot and everyone’s flocking here like we have rivers made of whiskey. 

(Sadly, we don't)

A bajillion people jumped into this online discussion to bitch and moan about it all. 


You know how bored we are to be complaining about how our house value is SKYROCKETING? My house is worth twice what I bought it for.

It's all perspective.
You can find the POSITIVE in anything if you want to. 

I lost 3 babies to miscarriage. 
Anyone would be devastated. 
But in hindsight?
It woke me up to doing something more with my life. And not waiting around anymore. 

I’ve been broke, choosing which bills to pay that month, not answering the phone from collectors because I didn’t have anything to give them,  

But I can still find a silver lining in my giant pile of laundry (it means I have clothes for my family. CLEAN ones.) 

Going to the grocery store = i get to buy food for my family. 
Dirty dishes = we eat
My electric bill = we are warm
Toys everywhere = my kids are able to LIVE and make a mess and have fun

So you can choose to complain about everything that’s falling apart in your life. Its easier, no doubt. 

But you just end up attracting more of it and feeling shitty.

OR ...

You can do the harder thing and find what IS good right now and focus on that.

It takes practice, but it’s worth it... 

  • You feel better

  • You notice more good things

  • You dont crawl in bed as much because your life sucks less

  • Which means you actually do more things on your own behalf to keep the good feelings going

  • Slowly but surely your life starts to get better

It's like magic.

Right now. 

You can choose happiness in the midst of whatever chaos and insanity and devastation is going on in your life. 

That doesn’t mean you dont let your feelings out or pretend they don't exist.  
(Fear, grief, frustration, anger, etc) 

But you also don't let them eat you alive.

There is always ONE good thing about each day - even if it’s the fact that you’re still here, alive. 

And that’s a pretty amazing thing if you think about it. 

Hit reply and tell me what one thing is going well in your life right now. Big or small, doesn't matter. 

- Erin

PS - Check out the livestream version of this HERE and watch me create as you listen. (Free inspirational graphic in the comments) 

How to find more success by taking on your fears

Be Afraid and Do It Anyway

New here? Hi!

I’m Erin & I’m an artist.

I love sharing what I do, and I love creating things that inspire others.

The whole point of art is to make you think and get in touch with something deeper inside you.

So today, I tried something different. I created LIVE on camera one of the inspirational phrases that I found, and one that I can personally speak to a LOT. 


(Can you relate?)

Come check it out here and watch.

In this video, I talk about the mindset behind the phrase itself and discuss why it’s important, why it applies to you, and a little bit about my journey through it myself....

Because you’re never alone. 

I feel like it’s a really easy thing to SAY and even want to buy into, but when the rubber meets the road, we can easily talk ourselves out of this stuff.

Think of something you’re afraid to do — maybe its a livestream video. A lot of business women are afraid to use video to their advantage EVEN THOUGH they hear, see and even experience that it grows that know-like-trust factor instantly. 

But when it comes to turning on the camera, a few things happen:

  • You blank

  • You don’t know what to say

  • You’re suddenly aware that everyone is watching

  • Or worse... no one is watching... 

  • You think you say ‘UM’ too much

On and on.... a million reasons not to do the scary thing.

So you choke and you decide NOPE! I’ll do it tomorrow! 

And you do the same the next day, and the next … and it never happens and you’re just quietly hoping its a temporary online fad that will disappear and you can keep hiding behind your screen. 

I know it all too well. 

Here’s how you can get over yourself and do the scary things that bring you success:

Its ok to be afraid. Fear of taking a leap, of doing something new for the first time, of being unfamiliar,.... it could even be saying NO to someone you’ve always said YES to and you’re scared of their reaction. 

Fear is normal. You have to let yourself feel the fear for it to leave you alone.

Go BE afraid! It’s ok to feel this way. You wouldn’t be human if you were fearless.... 

Quit talking your brain out of normal behaviors, because it’ll just make it worse. 

Once you acknowledge it, you can move forward. Scream, cry, fret, eat your feelings, whatever.... but give yourself a time frame and I encourage you to get it all out on paper. Don’t stew in it all day. 

Give yourself permission to screw up whatever you’re about to go do.

Take livestreaming for example.... you can delete it if its horrible!  

(PS - it’s never be as bad as you think)

And just so you know you are FAR from alone —— I used to have a glass of wine (or 2 or 3) before I did a live video because I was so nervous.

I also wrote out everything.

AND i even hid behind audio-only broadcasts for a while because it was less vulnerable.


Here’s another amazing side-benefit: If you learn to embrace your fear and move forward WITH it, it starts to apply (and help) in other areas of your life.... 

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Health

You’ll be more equipped when the real emergencies do show up.

The more you do it, the easier it gets. 

You may be pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy video now, and a year ago it was like the scariest thing ever.

Thanks for watching the video - I’d love to hear what you think. <3

Here’s the link again.

It's been a while, yeah? 

I'm SURE you've lost sleep over my whereabouts. LOLZ. 

Things have changed up around here, and I'm sharing this so I don't waste either of our time together. 

At the end of this is a chance for you to re-subscribe to my list, depending on where you land in this new direction. Fair-sies? 

I need to start this with a smidge of background about myself: 

I was the artsy kid in school who could never get enough. I hated sitting through math and history, but I survived by doodling in the margins of all my papers. Yes, I made good grades, but when it came to really chasing after who I wanted to be? An outlet didn't exist. 

Even in college, I was told to find a marketable skill (I wanted to spend my days painting... can you imagine the audacity of my parents to ask me NOT to waste their money!?)

The public school system is fucked up and the REAL talents of our kids are being smothered. Won't soapbox you, but if you get it, you get it. 

That's the message I started with, and that's the message I'm coming back to. I'm here to show you and your kids that you CAN be that little artist inside after all. 

GREAT NEWS: You don't have to sacrifice it for The Man and a stuffy desk job anymore. The internet and social media have afforded us a bajillion opportunities to build whatever we want and make a nice living. 

Cut to the chase: WTF is this now? 

1. First things first, I'm embracing the artist I've always been and just making awesome stuff I think people (like me) would like. You can check out the newly-launched shop HERE. And HERE.  *Heads up* NSFW. I like swearing. 

2. I'm building courses to teach art, to help the artist within embrace the fun-ness and real needs of our deeper selves. Some of this will be for kids. Some for adults.

3. Eventually, business classes to teach you how to build your own art biz. 

Who's it for? 
- If you like snarky quotes
- If you drink wine & coffee interchangeably (every parent?)
- If you adore your pets and/or kids
- If you just like making stuff
- Kids who don't fit the school system
- Kids who have creativity & talent pouring out of them
- Parents / Teachers who want to foster more creative opportunities in their kids
- If you've always wanted to learn how to paint, draw, etc and just never gave yourself the chance
- If you desperately crave more creativity in life because it's calming, peaceful, stress-relieving, and honestly the thing you love to do the most (you just thought you weren't "allowed" because it wasn't gonna make you any money.)
- If you'd love to learn how to build a biz doing what you ACTUALLY love... yeah you CAN be that painting major after all. Who knew?  

And if that's not you? That's totally OK. 

What will these new emails include? 
- New fun shop items (aka things I make)
- Beautiful paintings for sale
- News on upcoming classes for you / your kids 
- Expert advice I have for you along the way
- More awesome creative stuff. 

You in? Click below...

KEEP ME ON YOUR LIST! (Click here to stay connected)

Looking forward to seeing you there, 


How to allow your child be who they want to be (Plus FREE giveaways!)

This is a poop story. I hope you can relate. 

We've all been there (right?). You walk in to see your sweet baby holding out their arms to you first thing in the morning... 

And then it hits you. 

The smell. 

The new wall design (smears) that weren't there last night.

Ah yes. Poop everywhere. Joy. 

So after the first bath (keyword: FIRST) I gave her breakfast as I began dousing her room in clorox wipes. Anyone else ever wished for a hose attachment that sprayed bleach when setting a room on fire and rebuilding would be easier than cleaning? 

As I scrubbed, she squeezed the jam out of her breakfast bar all over her arms and face. 

After I cleaned THAT up (sweet Lord!), she found a marker and drew all over herself, and then the tube of toothpaste I didn't notice on the bathroom floor. 

Look, I watch my kids, just like you. But sometimes these punks are faster than me, especially when I'm pregnant and tired. 

All of this happened before 10 am. 


And my feelings started at sheer panic... 

"omg I have THIS kid... how many more times will this happen... it's too early to potty train... shit shit shit!!" 

Grew to frustration... 

"Why can't she just be calm? Why is she into everything? Why isn't she more like her brother?"

And then I landed in hysterical laughter.

Because by the time the marker and toothpaste showed up, I realized I have no control. This is just who she is. She is unexpectedly wonderful and makes me laugh so hard. She's happy. She's curious. She wants to try everything, and other than poop everywhere, none of this is dangerous. 

These are all skills I want her to have and don't wish to squash them out of her. 

Yeah she's the total opposite of my other kid (who is momentarily predictable and follows rules), but trying to get her to be like that is a total waste of energy. 

Its easier for me to have a compliant child. 

Do I really want to raise a compliant adult?


We MUST allow our kids to be whoever they are NO MATTER WHAT. 

They're weird, quirky and into things you're not? GOOD!


I used to have the biggest fear I'd have a girl that would want to be a cheerleader and loved pink. I wouldn't be able to relate to the girliness, the volume, or the energy. It came to my attention that my preference doesn't matter. I don't get to SQUASH who she is for my own comfort. 

It's time as parents that we learn to trust ourselves. 

And allow your child's personality, desires, interests, and style to be out of your control. 

Shift your perspective and find the GIFT that this is in your life. 

Because smothering? Trying to change who they are? Or simply refusing to acknowledge them will eventually push them away. 

This is our greatest fear as parents. Losing them forever. 

But when we do these things (smothering, changing, ignoring their soul), we communicate they're not good enough and something is wrong with them. 

We mean well, but deep down this is us trying to make ourselves comfortable. 


So - HOW? How do we ALLOW? 

(Especially when those behaviors or tendencies make us frustrated, annoyed, and inconvenienced?)

1. Recognize your kid is not YOU.

They might look like you. But they have their own purpose in this world, their own mind, values, and ideas. Start being OK with them being totally different from you. 


2. Get a closer look.

Instead of judging and resisting what they're doing, do the opposite. Show interest. Find out more. Engage!

Cause here's the thing - the discomfort you feel is all about your shit, not them

Dressing differently (strangely, creatively)? LET THEM! Get curious about what they like and why. 

Your girl likes football and your boy likes ballet? SO WHAT? What is your underlying issue with this? We think we're protecting them but the truth is we project our own fears and experiences onto them. It's a different world than it was then. 

Shy, uncomfortable, unusual interests, hates new things? ASK QUESTIONS. Show interest instead of judgement. Resist the urge to change them. 


Because before you can change anything, you need to meet your kid where they are. Not the other way around. Before you jump into what they "should" be, find the gift in who they already are. 

(Maybe you need to learn something from them)

I know this can be tricky, trying to get your resistant child to expand their horizons and open up. This is good parenting, I promise! Your heart is in the RIGHT place.... because it's also not loving to allow them to zone out on video games and end up living in your basement for the next 30 years. 

Which is why you need to get them into Superhero Art Camp .... like STAT. 


What is it?

Six weeks of creative projects + mindset lessons to help your child overcome negative emotions. 

The purpose of Superhero Art Camp is to help your anxious child find their innate gifts (their superpower!), and be whoever they want to be in the world. 

We do this by guiding them through positive mindset-focused art projects and activities to learn about themselves and give them permission to embrace the gifts and talents they were born with.

So they can dream big and feel confident in who they are.

And when you feel confident in who you are... 

  • Fear shrinks
  • Anxiety lessens
  • They become braver
  • You see them being more resilient
  • They cant wait to try new things
  • A love of learning grows
  • They take on challenges
  • They stand as leaders
  • You can tell they feel proud of themselves
  • And the big one: Calmness and happiness flood your home.

When we feel like we are allowed to be ourselves, and then we go BE ourselves, that happiness shows up. 

(Kind of a no-brainer, right?)

What you get: 

For kids - 

1. Video lesson with the topic of the week

2. Printable pages with journaling prompts to help them think and process through the topic

3. Weekly art challenge to tie it all together in a hands-on creative experience


For Parents -

1. 6 weeks of power-packed live sessions for YOU on each weekly topic

2. Access to practical strategies, activities, resources, and support you can apply immediately

3. Access to a private Facebook community where I am available to answer your questions and troubleshoot on the spot


Topics we cover - 

  • Compassion (kindness + self love) for ourselves, others, animals and the world
  • Grit & Resilience: Not giving up, believing in ourselves even when it seems impossible
  • Gratitude: how thankfulness can change our attitudes when we feel frustrated
  • Patience: Learning how to make mistakes, how waiting can be beneficial, and the super skills it gives us
  • Confidence:  What we like about ourselves and are good at already 
  • Problem solving: How to overcome hard things and brainstorm solutions that get us where we want to go


You get all of this life-changing material, my expertise, and a truckload of fun, creative resources for your child for just $597.  (Payment options available!)


BONUSES! (aka free stuff): 

1. I’m GIVING away the first module for FREE so you can get a handle on this life-changing material. Available to anyone, whether you join the camp or not. 

Get the first module for FREE by simply clicking HERE.

2. Anyone that signs up by Friday (Aug 31st 11:59pm) also gets a FREE 1:1 coaching session with me. Together we troubleshoot and dig into what's going on specifically for you and your child at home. ($500 value)


What are you waiting for? 

- Free stuff everywhere
- Try before you buy
- Less than $100 to get in


Email me HERE if you have any questions. 

Here's that link again: Superhero Art Camp


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