How to legit BE the best, instead of pretending and hoping

be the best

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Something we talk about in snooty design circles is the 3 V's of Branding... 

If you haven't heard of this, here's what it is and why it matters. 

Vision + Voice + Visuals

If you don't have a fancy business plan, there's all you need to succeed. 

But here's the really important part that people miss: 

1. They all have to be aligned in order to work (aka - get results)
2. The VISION dictates the other 2.

This is just like anything else in business. You do the vision FIRST because clarity wins over everything else. 

Then you set out to talk about it and share it. You use your voice (website, social media, livestreams, whatever you've got) to get them to listen. 

You implement visuals (graphics to catch their eye) and communicate who you are on a different level. 

What does your vision LOOK like? Ever thought about it?

If you had to capture it in a photo, or a background image, or even a font... (it's kinda like that game if you could be any animal, what would you be and why)

How would you create a graphic, a style, a website that looks 

  • Trustworthy

  • Exciting

  • High-end

  • Light-hearted

  • Grounded

  • Approachable

  • Authentic


Harder than it seems right. Because those are all intangible words. They're simply feelings, and there are no visuals directly associated with feelings. 

It's open-ended and different for everyone. 

Luckily, that's MY JOB to figure out how to communicate these floaty intangible concepts.

But you can see that if you aren't clear on what you want (vision), it's nearly impossible to have an artist come alongside you and put visuals in place that match your message. 

Without getting clear, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll perpetually struggle (or your copywriter and designer will).

The good news is, you already know this. 

You inherently know that images communicate and can evoke huge emotion.

"A picture is worth 1000 words"

The bad news is, you're wasting your time on things that don't work. 

— You may have spent hours on stock photo sites looking for the perfect background. 
— Or sweating about your photo shoot, hoping it captures you in the right vibe. 
— Still playing with fonts late into the night and not feeling like you're getting it.

So you hired someone, or passed it off because you don’t have time for this. Its not your zone of genius. 

And it either gets half-assed by someone that doesn't really know what they're doing, or it gets forgotten about completely and you're limping by on your "voice" alone. 

Your voice is powerful. People are listening. But they're also looking and stalking and making judgments based on how your brand makes them feeeeeeel

You pretend it's fine to ignore what your website looks like. It gets pushed off - WHICH IS LOSING YOU MONEY. 

Deep down you'd really like to make it all look better. 

Does the quality of your website, graphics, deliverables, even landing pages and facebook headers match the amazing high-vibe message you're putting out there? 

If you're here to embrace your purpose, change the world and be this amazing business owner who's the EXPERT and LEGIT BEST at what she does... 

You gotta walk the talk. 

You can't cut corners and skimp where it counts. Where people literally make decisions based on what LOOKS like better quality, more trustworthy, and is giving them some other benefit. 

Take Starbucks Ethos Water for example. A case study!

It's a simple design that communicates to you by purchasing THIS water, you not only look cool and help kids, but it's from a place you trust (Starbucks is everywhere, they must be doing something right. Plus those frappucinos you can carry around Target with you... mmmmm! SOLD!)

You literally had to do nothing and kids are saved. This water stands next to other water in the case (smart water, dasani, etc). There's a MEANING behind this one that compels people. 

The combination of all 3 V's matters. 

Your mission and purpose here on earth deserves the best. 

If you're leaving off one of the 3 V's, you're selling yourself short because they all work in tandem. 

You wouldn't DARE shut your voice down and bank on a vision with some awesome graphics. That sounds insane just saying it. So why is the reverse so prevalent?

Your graphics should show the world you belong in the 1%.
Jump on the special deal running right now until Christmas day to get you looking like the rockstar we both know you are. 

  • 6 graphics (any application - web, social media, email) 

  • Completely customized to your vibe. 

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Exclusively for those who are ready to uplevel their business, reach more people, and look amazing doing it.

- Erin 

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How to stand out as YOU without compromise

stand out as you

Sites like Fiverr are an EPIC waste of money, not to mention you’re capping your potential at an immeasurable amount.

How? Why? 

  • It cheapens good design (Good design actually has a function)

  • Your stuff looks like everyone else's, so congratulations! You don't stand out AT ALL.

  • You're hiring someone with little to no skill. Just because someone owns photoshop doesn't mean they're good at it.

  • "Pretty" doesn't mean it communicates what you need it to.

Your #1 task in business is to be uniquely YOU.

To stand out by being YOURSELF.

That's how you got this far.

And no one else is like you, does it like you, shows up like you, has your energy.


So why keep using canned crap like these cheap sites and templates? Do you see how this makes no sense? 

It's not in alignment with your vision of your higher self to look like everyone else. Just like cookie-cutter business formulas don't work, neither do cookie-cutter designs. 

Great design is another way for you to embody your higher self. For you to take your business to the next level and amplify your message to your followers on a visual level. 

What if you could stand out SO MUCH that your look alone created a visceral response in people that they themselves didn't even understand?

It's another way to magnetize your tribe. 

For the woman that is ready to take her business to the next levelbecause she knows she deserves to stand out and be noticedas the expert in her field, I created something to help you.

—> I've put together a design package of 6 high-level graphics customized to your brand, your look and feel, your messaging for just $497.

You get:

  • Custom made artwork that you can't find anywhere else.

  • Your high vibe captured in powerful visuals

  • More confidence to show up online in a bigger, more powerful way

  • The ability to help more of your people because now you're noticeable and memorable. 

  • To release your own potential and take your business to the next level

My work is no joke. I adore my clients and we have the best time creating. Check out how HAPPY they are:  

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.17.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.17.55 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.18.09 AM.png

Email me directly to get started. You deserve to be noticed exactly as you are ❤️

- Erin 

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Reasons Why Shitty Graphics Are Losing You Money

bad graphics lose money

Wanna make more money in 2019?

Here's an easy way to up your ROI in business: 

- Quit dicking around on canva. 
- Quit wasting money on fiverr and upwork. 
- Quit making your assistant create things that she really doesn't know how to do. 

I know you worked hard to get to 6- and 7- figures on grit alone and you put off all the "fun stuff" because they said you didn't need it. 
And I totally agree. There is nothing about a logo or a color scheme that is going to make you sales alone. 

This way has served you well. 
You've gotten by fine. 
You're making piles of cash. Amazing! 


What if you could make more? 

What if you could stand out SO MUCH that your look alone created a visceral response in people like moths to a flame.

You already know how to do that with your videos, your face, your messaging. 

Now you can apply it to the physical look of your business and create an internal feeling in people who see you that can't be described in words. 

It's possible. 

That's what I do. 

And that's why I created a design package just for you so you can try this out and see just how well your people respond to the deeper, higher vibe that is YOU!

They're going to love it and become obsessed with you more than they already are. 

Check out what Tracy had to say:

It's time for an uplevel.

Don't you deserve to LOOK amazing now that you're raking it in and changing lives like no one's business? 

Great design sells for you and ups your ROI. 
Strong design builds trust. 

People are judging the book by the cover anyway, so you might as well give them something amazing to look at. 

(Check out the livestream video I did on this to get the nitty grittyon exactly WHY this works)

Ready to take your business from basic kiddie clown party to Kardashian-level epic blowout of the year?

THAT'S WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. (Can you tell I'm excited?)

I've put together a starter package of 6 high-level graphics customized to your brand, your look and feel, your messaging for just $497. 

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Here's how it’s going down...

  • Email me a HELL YES.

  • We get on the phone and I get a crystal clear picture of exactly what you envision.

  • I go into my awesomeness cave (it’s a real thing and no one is allowed in. Ask my kids.) and create three concept designs.

  • When I come out, we reconnect and you choose the direction you prefer. (All of them will light you up, so this will be a wicked tough decision.)

  • I give you high-resolution perfection to go forth and share, and make the world more incredible. (And if it needs some tweaks, we talk about those too.)

Email me and let's chat.

- Erin

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How dare you be so bold?

bold is the new black.jpg

You've got your dream? Your purpose? Your mission in life? 

You can feel it in your heart. 

But you're afraid to really show it off... to go to that next level... because of what they might say. 

THOSE people. 

Who is that exactly? Spouse, parent, friend or co-worker? Someone close to you? Or just the collective internet poised to tear you to shreds?

Sure it's a real thing. 

But the fear you feel right now means you should be running right towards it instead of staying frozen where you are, hoping that livestreams or sales pages are just a passing fad.

(Check out the LIVE video feed of this message ---> HERE and swipe the graphic I made for your phone!)

Maybe you shared a part of your dream & you got shot down. 
Someone said it couldn't make any money.
It was stupid.
Not marketable.
A "nice" idea but really how "realistic" were you being? 

And you listened... you believed them for a split second. Which is just long enough for it to wiggle in your mind and throw up doubts when you're about to do something amazing.

Maybe someone sees your self-care as selfish. Why? Because you started to put yourself first instead of dead last? (Hello social conditioning) 

PS - Men put themselves first all the time and no one bats a goddamn eye. Don't you deserve equal SELF LOVE while we're here demanding equal PAY? (hint: yes) 

Maybe they talk about you behind your back. They converse about how ridiculous you are and you need to get your head out of the clouds and find gainful employment. 

Or are they bold enough to say it to your face? To tell you how unreasonable you are and try to convince you to change? 

How dare you be so bold with your life to think outside the lines and challenge a system that works for exactly no one!

(Isn't it fun to trigger others?)

The world needs you to own this. This dream. This purpose. This higher calling.

To be yourself. To show up with your gifts - regardless of how unique or unusual or out-of-the-box they may be. 


Because we are the leaders. If we don't do it, no one will. 

You were chosen for this. That's why you can't resist the voice inside that keeps telling you to go for it even though you're shit-scared. 

Leaders stand alone. 
Leaders get criticized constantly. 
Even replaced. 

The people that inspire generations are never a committee or an organization. (Ever notice?)

It's the one person who had the balls to stand alone and do it differently. You only get noticed when you stand OUT. 

Not hiding, cowering, or hanging with the flock of complainers and people who are fine with settling in status quo.

BOLDNESS means you come out fighting. 

  • It means you say what you want to say without holding back. 

  • You challenge them with your own truth. 

  • You don't worry what the world thinks of you. 

  • You're willing to wear the "crazy" label because your so-called-CRAZY is changing lives and setting examples for your kids and wayyyyyy bigger than just you. 

  • Taking a stand.

  • Saying whats true. 

Secretly? You love this ruffling of feathers. Because you know something they dont. And someone somewhere out there is DESPERATE to hear it. 

Because your job is to get their attention and shift humanity in a way no one has done before. 

Stop playing small and acting like you don't own the place.
Stop being POLITE and go blow shit up instead. 

Bold is the new black ❤️ 

Where do you need to be bold this week? Hit reply and tell me what it is and why you think you haven't done it yet. (We've all been there - it'd be weird if you didn't feel this way!)

- Erin 

PS - Want gorgeous branded social media graphics that highlight YOUR words? Want them to be of the highest quality? Want them to tell the world your BOLD truth? Email me and let's chat. 

Boundaries = the courage to love yourself first

boundaries love yourself graphic.jpg

I found myself over the past few weeks really ANGRY with people around me. 

  • My kids were being assholes

  • The holidays were pissing me off

  • Nothing was going according to what I wanted

  • I was just... hacked off

(Factor in that I'm 8 months pregnant and you have a pretty good picture of where I was at)

And when this happens (not if), its easy to complain right?

It's easy to point fingers and say "omg what is wrong with YOU and why are YOU acting this way?" We're offended, we're put out, we're resistant to even be around certain people because of how we feel. 

(Notice I didn't say how they MAKE us feel - because no one makes you feel anything. You choose that)

When this happens - NEWS FLASH!!! - it's all about you and your boundaries. 

Boundaries are never about the people around us. They're always about us and speaking up for what we need. 

Most of the time we don't even know we're allowing things into our space until it feels SO AWFUL it forces us to pay attention. 

I had a very specific incident that got my attention. Sometimes the universe has to hit you with a 2x4 to get you to listen up. 

And it still took help from my coach to point it out and help me see it for what it was. You need help with this stuff. It's not your fault you don't know how to handle it but it is our responsibility to seek out people that know more than we do. 

Anyway, she pointed out that this was a boundary issue for ME.
I was allowing this. 
I was choosing this by not speaking my truth. 
I was inviting it in by trying to play nice and keep everyone happy. 
I was worried about what everyone would think of me if I spoke up and said what I needed. 

For many of us, this is an ongoing theme; a place we need to heal in life. And when we get rid of it in one area, we start to see it in another -- which is awesome because it means we get to keep growing! 

Everyone plays nice at the holidays, but I can remember a lot of times growing up where these were the moments when everything finally blew up in our house. Mothers day, Christmas, many occasions where someone spoke up and shit hit the fan. 

Sound familiar? Who hasn't had one of these -- and you remember it SO WELL. right? 

To me, it's not worth having miserable fake-smile holidays to look back on in my life. 

Going along with something sounds like you're keeping the peace. Let's not rock the boat TODAY, or that you're thinking of other people's feelings.

We truly believe we're doing a good thing by avoiding uncomfortable conversations.  

In reality, its the complete denial of yourself and what you need. 
You say "I'm less important than everyone else here" by not speaking up. 

And - some next level wisdom - what are you modeling to your kids by engaging in this? (That hits me harder than anything)

Kids copy what you do (not what you say). How are you being the example for them when your actions say: I'm not important enough. I'm not valueable enough. I'm not worthy enough. 

Your daughters & sons will learn the same thing, and the social climate perpetuates itself. BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO SCARED TO SAY SOMETHING. 

Setting boundaries is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. 
Its self care at the highest level.
Saying yes to what is OK in your life, and NO to what is not ok in your life. 

We are not taught to love ourselves. We're actually taught to hate ourselves. Comparison, expectations, vanity, career paths, and even grades in school. 

So when you set a boundary, you are loving YOU first. And if you cannot love YOU first, then how do you expect to TRULY love anyone else in your life? 

Without self-love we are constantly lookng for validation outside of ourselves... which isn't fair to anyone else close to you. It's needy, it's low vibe, it's not who you really are.

I made a list of almost 20 boundaries I'm working on setting, now that I'm hyper-aware that they don't exist. 

I challenge you today to set just ONE boundary that you've been avoiding. Where do you need to speak up about something that doesn't feel good or isn't OK in your life? 

It's not selfish when you're doing what's best for YOU. 


Want gorgeous branded graphics that highlight YOUR words?

For custom designs of the highest quality that tells the world your truth (lock in those boundaries, baby), hit reply and let's chat.

- Erin 

PS - Check out the livestream video and grab the free graphic I made while I was filming HERE. People are digging these :) I love seeing them everywhere!

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