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Does your child get stressed when he screws up?

Is he anxious when he spills milk or gets paint on the table?

Does she have a meltdown when she can't tie her shoes right?

Many children want to be perfect at everything the first time and they get frustrated when they can’t.

They often become so disappointed in themselves, they start to believe they aren’t good enough.

Lashing out, crying, stomping off.

Throwing things or starting a fight with a sibling.

Hiding. Giving up.

Meanwhile, you're at a loss.


You've tried talking to them, telling them its okay.

You've asked their teachers and counselors for ideas.

You've spent countless hours on the internet trying to figure out how can you “fix” it.


As a recovering perfectionist and a mother of two, I get it.

It wasn't that long ago that I was lost about what to do with my first-grader who had meltdowns after the smallest mistakes. He burst into tears, stomped off and get mad that he couldn't already be great at something new.


When I found out this was happening at school in front of the whole class, I dug into the real problem...

- He didn't know it was okay to make mistakes.

- He thought he had to be perfect to be liked.

- He based his value as a person on his accomplishments.


Bottom line: Anything less than perfect created so much anxiety, he would sometimes scream and actually hit himself for not getting it right. 

And it didn’t just affect him. It our entire family. What would set him off next and how do we help? No one is perfect. No one can manage life to that level.

I've spent the last three years working on all this and what I found was a concept called growth mindset. There are three simple tenets to this work:

- We learn by making mistakes and making a mess.

- We must celebrate those mistakes and messes if we are to instill in our kids the notion that learning is fun. (And it really is.)

- Screwing up makes us better humans.


Those facts changed my life and that of my children.

And now I’m on a mission to help you change your own and empower your kids.

If your child is struggling with anxiety, stress, people-pleasing and perfectionism, this is for you.

Celebrate Your Mistakes is an activity book full of resources for you and fun coloring pages and exercises for your children that will help them understand why mistakes and messes are FUN.

The guide helps you implement the concept of growth mindset, showing you exactly what to do and why it works.

The hands-on activities help your kids apply the concepts in a tangible way. The more they engage and play this way, the faster it works.

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Perfectionism, at its root, is a form of shame.

It's a way to hide in order to feel good enough. Because the child believes the real version of himself on the inside isn’t good enough. Deep down, he thinks if he is does everything perfectly, he will be accepted, loved, and valued.

It’s a painful lie. And the child feels caught in a trap.

Because he thinks that if he does make a mistake, he will be rejected, unloved, not good enough, worthless.

Enter the anxiety.

As adults, we know this is not true. And you obviously do not love your child because he is perfect.

But this is what happens inside many kids’ minds. 

The good news is you can reverse it.

You’re already a great parent.

I know that because you're here, looking for a way to help your kid break free. And by the way, none of this is not your fault.

You're amazing for seeing your child's struggle and wanting to help.

Celebrate Your Mistakes helps you help your child. You both learn how to celebrate mistakes, and encourage fun, play and learning. Messes and mistakes are NOT something to avoid. They are the only way to live.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to show your child how to:

- have more confidence

- become more resilient

- take more risks

- decrease stress and the potential for depression

- craft better relationships

- try new things

- and so much more


It’s true freedom. And the best part is that once you and your child learn these skills, you will use them forever to continue to feel better and better about who you are and what you are capable of.

Goodbye fear, stress, depression and constant worry. For the entire family.

This workbook is full of activities for your child and helpful instruction for you to facilitate and support them.


What's Inside:

- Coloring pages

- Goal setting

- How to talk about problems, mistakes and messes

- How to effectively solve all those things

- Games

- Confidence builders

- and tons more

The release date is April 15.

You'll be sent a link to download it instantly and print it right at home.

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