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If you're not using video to market yourself, you're leaving heaps of money on the table. 


--> Video is 600% more effective than text. 

--> 60% of people scrolling through social media will watch a video before they read. 

--> Video content gets shared 1200% more than articles. 

--> Email dropout rates are 75% less (Gmail is geared to help you with email marketing this way). 

--> 33% of ALL online activity is (you guessed it) watching videos. 


SO, Why is it so popular? 

Think about it. 

Reading means you have to interpret humor, sarcasm, tone, and a host of other nuances that affect how your message comes across. 

Video allows people to see expressions, hear tone of voice, and pick up on facial cues that they'd never get from just reading. Video marketing is GOLD if you want people to know, like, and trust you. 

In an age where everything is instant, the faster you can build trust, the bigger your bottom line. 


----->>> YET YOU'RE STILL SCARED TO USE IT! <<<-----


I get it. Another level of visibility. Another way for people to judge you and criticize you. 

Time to get over your fear of judgement and put your big girl panties on. 

Video isn't NEW. Do you want to make an impact in this world, or not?

If you're not on this train yet, you're about to be left behind. 

In this challenge, I'm showing you how you can EASILY create great videos that exponentially increase your engagement and get you in front of your people in a much more powerful way (600% to be exact).... Without the fear! 


Get in here. We start March 27th: 

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