Out of the FOG (Fear, Obligation & Guilt)


Because you worry if you don’t answer that email at 11 p.m., if you don’t squeeze them in today,
if you don’t work within their budget and time frame, if you don’t do an extra call for free,
if you don’t accept their goddamn Facebook request, there will be consequences...

The business you were so desperate to create?

The very one that got you out of corporate?

That got you to FREEDOM?

Has become just one more thing that gets taken care of before you.

And if you're not careful, you'll be shackled to it just like the 9 to 5 you were so desperate to ditch.

And that is the surest way to fail SPECTACULARLY as an entrepreneur.

Every time you do what someone else wants instead of taking care of yourself, you lose money.

You can't be the BOSS if you live to fulfill other people's needs.

That's called martyrdom.

And you didn't become a successful entrepreneur do what THEY want.


You’ve spent your life running around doing shit for everyone else.
Accommodating, taking care of needs, worrying and making sure everything is done.
You’re the first one awake and the last one asleep.


People always  count on you because you’re always there.


But when you use all your energy for everyone else, you’ve got nothing left for yourself or your clients.
You’re exhausted and spent. You’re afraid if you say no, people will stop needing you.
And maybe even liking you.


That resentment you secretly feel? Is from over-giving.


When you stop doing that, you can finally become the BOSS you know you were meant to be.
You can serve your clients at the highest and best level. Perhaps most important, you can FEEL GOOD.



There’s a reason the stewardess tells you to put on your own oxygen mask first.

How much help are you if you’re constantly drained?

Maybe you don’t realize how much this behavior is draining you because you’ve been conditioned to believe that doing anything for yourself makes you a selfish bitch, terrible mother, lazy daughter.

You’re trying to play all the roles, put on appearances for someone else, and you’ve completely lost yourself in the process.

Do you even know what you like to do anymore?

Ever notice that by never saying ‘no,’ everyone else gets to sit back and watch you work your ass off?
(For example: women in the kitchen cooking & cleaning while the men watch football. WTF?)

When you start taking care of the things that matter first (you), you’re freed up to help your people.
You serve yourself, your clients, and the life you love comes easy.


The reason your business isn’t taking off
is because you’re giving the goods away
to the wrong things.


I’m running a 4-week program to help you stop this cycle of caring about what everyone thinks.

Just in time for the holidays (enter anxiety, stage left), I’m equipping you with my best tools to
combat fear, obligation & guilt (FOG):

  • No more doing things you don’t want to do.

  • Face the fear that people might get upset if you don’t do what they expect, like or want.

  • No more victim mentality. Control the outcome of your own life and stop waiting for validation.

  • Stop being afraid of making a decision without someone else’s input.

  • Make money in business with the real you that people WANT to see. Find your tribe by being 100% yourself. (By hiding who you are, you’re not only short-changing the world, you’re keeping clients away from you because they can sense you’re hiding.)

  • Head into the holidays without anxiety about how to handle over the top expectations, crazy requests and guilt trips.

  • Learn to care about your feelings only. Release the obligation to care about everyone else.



I’m Erin & I’m a recovering wishy-washy, spineless doormat.

I didn’t know how to stand up for myself for multiple decades. I played the good girl: obedient with perfect table settings and straight As.

I had zero opinions to cause ripples in the perfect waters of religious values, including knee-length tasteful skirts (gag). I was a master at spinning the perception of my true self out of fear of being ostracized.

I know what it’s like to walk on eggshells to never offend, and be afraid of what people might think or say if they knew you liked to be a rebel (drink, smoke and curse? gasp!)

I know what it’s like to feel utterly worthless and feel like you could never be good enough to pull this business off.

I understand having pent up resentment because you’re giving and giving and giving and nothing is coming back to you. You don’t feel taken care of. You don’t feel appreciated. You actually feel like the victim and wonder DOES ANYONE EVEN SEE ME??

(Answer: no, because you don’t command respect)

I spent more than  a year hacking through building a business with systems and structures alone, only to realize it wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t allowing who I really was mesh with my business.


I didn’t know who I really was.

And that left my business passion-less.


Until I was willing to dig into the biggest pain of my life, get past all my fears of what others thought of me, and risk upsetting people by saying NO and becoming the person I was meant to be….my business suffered.

I had three clients in one year.

All the perfectly set sales funnels in the world cannot make up for the real you.

Because people don’t buy your skills. They buy YOU - your weirdness, your quirks, your vibe, your sense of humor, and your humanness.

You can’t run a business effectively when you’re sabotaging yourself by hiding all that stuff, trying to be perfect.


People hate perfect.


And when you’re busy pleasing everyone, you’re not yourself.

Stop being someone you’re not.

Stop trying to make everyone else happy.


That’s not what a boss does.


A Boss owns who they are and what they have to offer.

A Boss says “fuck you” to anyone that doesn’t like it.

A Boss takes does what she wants without asking everyone’s opinion.

And a Boss makes money while doing ALL that.


You’re allowed to say no.

You’re not crazy.

Nothing is wrong with you.


It starts here.



Inside “Out of the FOG (Fear, Obligation, & Guilt)”:


4 live calls with Q&A

4 supplementary workbooks

Private Facebook Group where I will be DAILY helping you bust through these blocks.

Videos with extra teaching inside the group


For $497


This is everything you need to navigate how to take care of yourself and say no.

This is everything you need to learn how to stand in your power and own it -- for less than $500.

There’s no better time to jump on this than now so you can ENJOY your family during the holidays instead of dreading, medicating or drinking your way through it.


This training transformed my mindset by revealing to me how ingrained patterns of negative thinking crippled my life choices. We are what we think.”

- Sherri

Take your life back.


Lead your tribe and attract clients you can give your whole self too. (Rather than accommodating people who don’t give a shit about you or your business.)

Feel good about your decisions. (Rather than asking 10 people or their opinions first.)

Say no to anything to anything that doesn’t feel amazing (without a drop of guilt.)

I’ve been where you are. Not only is it no way to live, it’s no way to LEAD.

Running a business means taking control of your life first.

Join me in “Out of the FOG,” release the shackles and live on your terms.

We’re waiting for you.


It was really lovely talking to you today, and it helped me greatly to clarify what I need to do, and how to shift off current patterns. .... analyzing all the things I actually do really showed me that what I am beating myself up about is actually an impossible schedule.”

- Marya
I am discovering a discouraging level of inhibition and negative mindsets that have kept me poor my entire life despite my best efforts to overcome them. I noticed that even thinking about money and making a lot of it scares me and this fear runs counter to my best and biggest aspirations in life. I still feel stuck but bringing some of this stuff to light is helping me bring some conscious awareness to it. Honestly, I think it is getting harder to get through the exercises the further we get into this. These blocks are powerful! Holycow!

Very grateful to have your simple steps to guide me cause I have to keep reminding myself that it is all very easy and I can get through this, that my dreams are on the other side of my fears.

Thank you... “

- Raven
She created a safe space to talk about all my fears, memories, and anything else that came up related to money that I’ve never felt comfortable talking about before. Erin helped me realize that by being afraid of knowing how I spend and need money, doing that is the only way I’ll start to figure out how to plan for the future, feel secure, and ask for what I need.”

- Alyssa