Big brands know this fact and invest piles of money to understand the intricacies on a deeper level. As an entrepreneur, you may not know where to start, what matters most, what needs to change first, or even who to reach out to for help. 

How do you attract the best clients? 

How do you keep people engaged on your website? 

How do you convert them with design?

If you’re making 6-7 figures in business, but your graphics and website aren’t reflecting the quality you know you provide, then this is for you. 

You have ONE chance to nail a first impression (online you’ve got 7 seconds to grab their attention). 

People stalk you on your site and your social platforms before they ever contact you. Potential clients are making snap judgements about you and the value you provide before you even connect. 

Taking your brand from amateur to pro takes strategy, skill and intention.

Knowing where you are right now and how to move into a power position is key to your business growth. 

And if you’re not a designer by trade, it can feel hard to tell what needs upgrading. (Do I start with a logo? New website graphics? A color palette? Does any of it matter?) 

Yes, it matters. A lot more than most people realize. 

If you… 

  • Want to attract more quality clients and more money 

  • Feel like your designs and website are cheap looking and embarrassing 

  • Want a look that reflects who you really are 

Then this is for you. I created this guide to help you identify where your branding stands today so you can then choose the right next steps for you and your business goals. 

This will help you diagnose your current situation and give you detailed action steps for what you need to do next. 

Let’s rock this.