You want to help people.

You want to build an empire that lifts up the world.

And you want to make money.

So let’s do that - without sweat, tears and working harder.

More work doesn’t equal more money.

Which is great news: It means you can grow your business without spending every waking moment online.


No more obsessing over how.

No more giving up evenings and weekends.

No more sacrificing everything (and everyone) in your life.   


While there’s no magic trick to building a thriving business, you CAN easily make the money and help people just by being yourself and changing how you think.


It’s easier than you might think.


And I know because I’ve been exactly where you are: working myself to the bone, stressing about the perfect strategy, and scrambling to make ends meet.

I remember the 100-hour weeks I used to put in, only to get occasional clients here and there.

I was exhausted.

I never saw my family.

I wasn’t getting real traction.

The confusion and frustration was palpable.


I absolutely know what it’s like to spend every free second you have on social media, watching everyone else somehow make it happen and wonder what you’re doing wrong.

I wanted to give up.

I felt like a total failure.

But I also couldn’t wrap my mind around abandoning my passion when I’d worked so hard to get this far.


You want to pursue your passion, leave a legacy for your family and the world, make an impact that changes lives, and do all of that in a way that feels good. And you want to do all of that in a way that doesn’t leave you totally exhausted, unable to enjoy all that you worked for.

Read on...


As it turns out, more work didn’t mean more money.


It took me over a year, but I finally realized I didn’t need another system or strategy to make this thing a go. I didn’t need to put in more hours, more social media posts, more effort. I was making it infinitely harder by believing I had to struggle and it was going to take forever.

Someone was finally able to show me the answers were inside me the whole time.

I had everything I needed to turn myself into a raving success, earning as much money as I wanted without ever having to hustle again.

All I had to do was look.


And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you.



I had my first 5-figure month with a tiny mailing list (less than 200) and a simple free 5-day challenge.

Anyone can pick a relevant topic, create a free solution, and then offer a way to work together to help people get results.

The real success came from me believing in who I was, confident that I could help, and showing up in a way that most people won't.


I didn’t post on social media all hours of the day.

… Or stress out about how many people were joining.

… Or stay up all night to see who purchased last minute.


I had confidence behind what I was doing.

I wasn’t worried about doing it wrong or even what anyone else thought.

I followed my gut and had fun helping others grow.

Plain and simple.


And that confidence and certainty is felt by my clients. They know they can trust me by how I show up.

The same can be true for you.


When you focus on who you are and how you can serve, inspiration starts to hit you. You don’t worry about what other people are saying - you’re only focused on how you can help.

The things you want show up when you're tuned into the purpose you have in the world - not the other way around.




Enter: You Can Have it All

For women that want to grow their impact and build their empire.


I’m teaching you my personal process to beat fear, increase confidence, share your message with clarity and call in your perfect clients.

Not only will it allow you to work less, but it will light you up to only do the work you love each day.

I can’t wait for you to see how easy it really can be.


Here’s what we’ll be covering in depth over 8 weeks together:


Week 1 - How to take total responsibility for everything in your life (when you’re in control, nothing controls you)

  • Become aware of how you’re giving away your power in every area of life

  • Choosing to act differently to get what you want

  • Think you can’t? Think again.

  • Blame, shame, and guilt are keeping you broke

Week 2 - Discover who you are and what you want (most people don’t know, but they think they do)

  • Identify old programming working against you (and why it’s not your fault)

  • Why knowing exactly WHO you are affects your bottom line

  • How to use your heart instead of your head to make more money

  • The one question that shatters any limiting belief.

Week 3 - Create & install guilt-free boundaries (saving your sanity)

  • Why putting everyone else first is detrimental to your earning potential.

  • Fully understand the level of bullshit you’ve been tolerating.

  • How to put yourself first and not feel guilty about it.

  • Saying NO and YES in exactly the right places. No more holding back how you really feel.

Week 4 - Learning to trust your gut, and understanding the consequences of ignoring it

  • How trusting your gut directly relates to changing your life and business.

  • Intuition vs Fear - how do I really know when it’s a bad idea?  

  • Uncover all the important signals in your body that you’ve been ignoring.

  • Leverage your talents, gifts, and creative ideas that make you money.

Week 5- Failing fast and feeling good

  • Beat your fear of failure once and for all

  • How to make mistakes in a way that helps you succeed faster

  • The worst case scenario (and how it works to your benefit)

  • Take smart risks that work out for you every time

Week 6 - Taking a stand for what you believe in and doing it your way

  • The trick to attracting more people to you

  • How to stand out and get noticed so they pick YOU as the expert.

  • Become unflinchingly confident as the leader you’re meant to be

  • Automatically sell more because you know how to break the rules

Week 7 - Where your source of power already lies and how to access it

  • How to make it 100x easier on yourself, and leave hustle behind

  • Confidently go bigger when you know how to step into a higher you

  • Know exactly how to get it done without overwhelm and burnout

  • Unlock the secrets to getting everything you want (hint: it’s inside of you)

Week 8 - How to get over the fear of success (what if it actually works?)

  • Ditch the freakout that happens when you realize your dreams are possible

  • Why willpower is for amateurs (and why you’re not just doing it)

  • Embracing discomfort as your new best friend

  • Dig up your core fear and rocket forward to the money you want



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What do you get?

  • 8 weeks of exclusive content (never taught before and you can’t find this anywhere else).

  • Weekly group calls with a lesson and assignments to move you closer to your goals.

  • A facebook group full of high-vibe women with the same goals as you.

  • Unlimited access to me in the group for 24/7 support.

  • Accountability so you get it done.

  • Recordings of all calls that you can keep forever.


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I’m on a mission to show women everywhere that getting what they want doesn’t have to be a struggle or take a long time. You can leverage your strengths and decide that fear isn’t going to keep you from changing lives and leaving the legacy you envision.


Everything you need is inside you. You can have what you want RIGHT NOW (instead of a year from now).

True freedom is when you get to design your life exactly as you want it.

When you know how to stand out and be the expert? It means you’re finally embodying the leader inside you.


Feel confident in your abilities.

Get it done without overwhelm.

Be yourself and call in your tribe.

Grow your empire and help more people than ever.


It’s time for you to leverage your strengths and believe in who you are. You have everything inside you that you need to get everything you want.


This is application only with space for 15 women. Do not wait - this will sell out.

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Early bird investment of just $2500 until Wednesday, September 20th. 

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Here’s what you're getting inside once more:

  • 8 weeks of exclusive content (never taught before and you can’t find this anywhere else).

  • Weekly group calls with a lesson and assignments to move you closer to your goals.

  • A facebook group full of high-vibe women with the same goals as you.

  • Unlimited access to me in the group for 24/7 support.

  • Accountability so you get it done.

  • Recordings of all calls that you can keep forever.


We START Monday, September 25th. 

This is application only with space for 15 women.  Spots will go quickly.

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I've never shared this material before and I'm not sure when I will again.

I can't wait to see you there and change your life.


Cheers to your success! 

- Erin

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