Girl, you are in a hurry.


You’re freaking out because things aren’t happening fast enough.

You’re feeling pressure from the job you hate and want this dream biz off the ground stat.

You set a deadline to get the hell out, but you keep letting it pass you by.

You want everything that comes in my 1:1 90-day program, but you don’t want to wait three months.

You’re ready to take insanely massive action and get it done THIS MOMENT.


I’m a productivity freak too. I get you.


I knocked out my own website in a day and I can pull together a sales funnel just as fast.


I figured out Facebook ads and can show you how to run your own with ease.


I teach you how to get clear on your ideal client, so you attract exactly who you want
and know how to sift out the people who aren’t the right fit.


I have a proven business strategy taught to me by the masters. You get access to every step.


This is for you if:


  • You’re looking to blaze a trail in a single day.

  • You’re already great at making fast decisions in your business.

  • You need help with your products, courses and offerings.

  • You’re not sure how to price your amazing programs.

  • You want to learn how to do sales calls that are EASY, not scary.

  • You want bigger visibility through social media, teleclasses and more.

  • You need a marketing + advertising plan that works just for you.

  • You’re not sure about your ideal client or how to find them.

  • You need to get organized, manage your time and delegate like a boss.


Ready for some serious hustle?

Get in on this now.

I have 4 spots open before I’m booked until July.



How it works:


We jam for 6 hours on a customized 1:1 program for you via video chat on Skype.

We start at 9 am and work until 3 pm, with an hour break for lunch.

We tackle your biggest, hairiest problems.

You leave with a personalized road map to keep you on track after our time together.

You get full access to all my resources - webinars, recorded trainings and PDF guides.

2 weeks later, we chat for 45 mins to follow up on your progress.

A month later, we follow up again on how you’re doing.


$2747 or 2 payments of $1497

Book a call & let’s chat.