I work with NEW entrepreneurs like you

...who want to build a life full of freedom
and leave your 9-5 job behind.

The only problem is knowing where and how to start.

There's no clear path to get your business off the ground and you’re frustrated by your lack of traction.
You’re struggling to figure out what to do to gain momentum.


Momentum + Money teaches you the systems & structures that uplevels your business and attracts clients to you.

Together we put together a clear plan and process to run your successful online business
so you can go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to having a step-by-step proven formula that works.

When you have the right systems & structures in place, making money is easy.



DO you...


  • Know you have a message to share but you're not getting out there as fast as you hoped?

  • Chomp at the bit to serve your ideal clients, but you don’t know why they're not buying?

  • Spread yourself too thin over too many tasks because you don't have a clear process that works?

  • Know you're done with excuses and ready to start making money?

  • Feel unclear about what you're really offering and for whom?

  • Want to reach your business and financial goals faster so you can resign from your 9-5?

  • Struggle to figure out what's working and what's not, even after being in business for 6 months or more?

  • Stop & start, second-guess yourself, and overthink things?

  • Feel embarrassed that all of your effort isn’t leading to sales and you’re ashamed to admit it’s not working?

  • Know you need help reaching your true potential and getting your message out there?

  • Feel ready to step it up and push through your fears and self-doubts?


Imagine what it would be like to have complete clarity and know-how
on the steps and strategies it takes to take your business to the next level.

What would it feel like to have a road map that took you turn-by-turn
to build the business of your dreams?



What if….

  • Everything in your business suddenly felt easy and making money became fun?  

  • You could have a clear plan to uplevel everything so that you can finally leave your 9-5 job (and trade those suit pants for yoga pants)?

  • Your email list was growing like crazy with people just itching to give you their money?

  • You could earn money while you slept and wake up to a bigger bank account?

  • You had a whole community of raving fans who couldn't stop talking about you?

  • Your schedule was finally your own and you could spend more time with your loved ones?

  • You could make more money at your "side-hustle" than you ever did at your 9-5?

  • The guesswork was gone and you knew exactly where your next sale was coming from?

  • People were banging down your door to take your courses?



That’s exactly why I created Momentum + Money


-- to take you from confused, stuck and frustrated, to mastering the steps that grow your business.

This is a process that works.

You don’t have to have any special skills; all you need is the roadmap.

You don’t have to settle for the
corporate life that you hate.



You will learn to:


  • Get laser-clear on who you want to work with so you can start talking to the right people.

  • Find out where your ideal clients have been hiding and how to attract them so you can avoid wasting money and time on the wrong people.

  • Improve your online presence with proven strategies that skyrocket your visibility.

  • Overcome hidden mental blocks you didn’t even know you had that have been keeping you stuck so you can attract people and money more easily to yourself.

  • Create your customized plan to jumpstart your income and sales so you can stop waking up in the middle of the night, anxiously trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

  • Get crystal-clear on what you're really offering your clients and what sets you apart from the crowd so that you can become a powerhouse in your niche.

  • Create offers that highlight your expertise and natural skills, making your job easy and sending your clients running for their credit cards.

  • Become an efficiency ninja so you can spend less time making more money.

  • Get more done in just a few weeks that you have in the last year so that you can finally see big progress.

  • Implement personalized branding you can be proud of so you feel like you run a business that reflects the real you, not just another canned online company.

  • Strategically spend money and time in new ways so you can start living and enjoying the life of your dreams right now.  

  • Punch your fears and doubts in the face.

  • Master the exact systems & strategies you need to take you from business rookie to all-star business badass.



Weekly Calls with Erin (LIVE PROGRAM)

  • One live group call per week with Erin Monaghan, your Momentum + Money Coach.

  • Learn from your Momentum + Money comrades with open discussion plus Q&A.

  • Support + Reminders – I’m here with you every step of the way.

  • Get encouragement from other like-minded entrepreneurs in your program.


  • Weekly workbooks with hundreds of pages of content – including templates, checklists and resources so there's no guesswork.

  • Complete access to my resources such as Google Forms, social media, Facebook ads, and even Squarespace tutorials!


  • Connect with other amazing women from around the world. Some of your best business friends will come from this program. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is critical to your success!

  • Get access to me between calls with office hours. 

  • Ask questions and get help. No entrepreneur left behind!




Week 1 : Wealth Consciousness

  • Discovering how your money story has been secretly holding you back.

  • Uncovering & letting go of money beliefs that keep your bank account small.

Week 2: Perfectionism + Procrastination

  • Negative thinking and how it's affecting your business goals.

  • How fear of making mistakes is keeping you from getting rich.

Week 3: Becoming the Real You

  • Where you've secretly been pleasing everyone else and giving away your selling power.

  • How worrying about what others think is keeping clients from buying.

Week 4: Thoughts & Words

  • Adopting a new mindset to attract the wealth you want.

  • How biology in your brain plays a bigger part in your success than you think.

Week 5: What do you really want?

  • Get real about what you want your ideal life to look like.

  • Set a plan in place and how to make it happen this year.

Week 6: Believe you have it 

  • Ways to make your desires happen today.

  • How you're holding yourself back and not enjoying it all.

Week 7: Ideal Clients

  • Who this is, where to find them, & how to talk to them.

  • Market research and getting inside your client's mind so you know what makes them tick.

Week 8: Packages & Offerings

  • How to make them run for their credit cards -- they can't wait to buy your stuff.

  • Creating what excites YOU and pricing it perfectly.

Week 9: Branding and Websites

  • Creating a professional-looking branding package that you're excited to show off. (My photoshoot is still declared as "one of the best coach photo shoots I've seen" by top coaches in the industry)

  • How to put together your own website in one day.

Week 10: Freebies and Opt-Ins 

  • Why freebies are so important.

  • How to craft the perfect promotion that your client needs and wants.

Week 11: Sales Funnels

  • Demystifying Facebook Ads and how to get people on your list easily.

  • Learn landing pages & email automation so you can get signups while you sleep.

Week 12: Sales + Visibility

  • How & where to get yourself out there and become more visible - confidently!

  • Overcoming objections without having to "convince" someone to buy.



Momentum + Money teaches you the tactical PROCESS of online business
that are strategic in scaling your success And gaining traction.


When you understand and master proven systems and structures that work,
you can easily implement them to grow your dream business with confidence and clarity.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, but bound & determined to make it work,
can’t give up on your vision even if you wanted to, and have to keep fighting for your dreams,
then this is the starting point for you.

It's time to up your game.


What makes Momentum + Money unique from any other investment you'll make
is the incredible amount of tactical teaching and implementation you will get.

You do not have to have anything in place before starting this program.

Not only do you learn how to implement each step of the construction process
in detail from A to Z, you also learn how to do it quickly, without overwhelm or burnout.

You get my proven strategies for efficiency so you can hit the ground running and achieve your goals faster.  


Each week you have multiple opportunities to ask me questions and get targeted help,
ensuring that you don't get stuck or confused on any aspect of this program.

We move fast, but I don't let anyone fall behind when they need extra support.


You get my 11 years of graphics, tech, & computer experience backing you up so navigating
the online world becomes fun & simple. I've combined my knowledge with training I've received from
three other multi-million-dollar coaches to create a truly one-of-a-kind power process that gets results.

You won't find a program like this anywhere else.


Still have questions? Let's chat!

Shoot me an email: erin@erinkmonaghan.com