I didn’t think it was possible to have so much shift in 45 minutes!! I was feeling really scattered and frazzled, and my business was showing it. I didn’t know which steps to take next to build my biz, get more customers or feel supported. Erin zeroed in on the core issue within 10 minutes of chatting. I needed a plan, and she was the lady to help me make it! She gave me a social media strategy and pointed me in the direction of some really valuable resources. We went through my website briefly and started brainstorming ways to improve and some packages to put together to make me a one-stop-shop for my customers. One thing I didn’t realize I needed was encouragement to raise my rates. I’d been charging the rates of someone with half of my experience, and Erin straight-talked me out of that old mindset. It was such a huge confidence boost! I would recommend Erin in a heartbeat to any badass entrepreneur who needs a boost. She’s awesome, down-to-earth, and no-bullshit. The perfect combo to help you bust through blocks and move forward.

- Vanessa Ooms - Bridge Lake, BC, Canada

After seeing Erin's Facebook live streams and being on her email list (where she always provides incredible free content), I knew she was a great fit for me and that I could learn a lot from working with her. She's a straight shooter who's excellent at asking the right questions to evaluate your circumstances, understanding exactly where you need to change your actions or mindset, and then giving you no-bullshit advice to help you push through your roadblocks. Difficult day job and lack of time to work on your business? She's been there, overcame it, and knows how to help you work through those same issues to help you succeed, too. Paralyzed by fear or by what others might think of you? She's navigated those choppy waters too, and she's come out of it a skillful sailor. Working with Erin helped me get the confidence boost I needed to believe in my ideas, take control of my time, and make progress on my business. 

- Nikki Hess - Pennsylvania

Erin helped me break down what felt like insurmountable obstacles into a tangible first step that I can take to start moving in the direction of my goals. She reminded me that it’s all a choice, even when it’s hard and even when it doesn’t feel like it. I have the power. From being in her FB group and now working with her 1:1, I can tell you that Erin is the person to talk to if you feel like you don’t know where to begin. She’s great at helping you find that one simple thing you can do to move forward—and gently but firmly reminding you that it is okay to try and fail, but it is not okay to do nothing (unless you want to keep yourself trapped).

- Alissa McGowan

"This training transformed my mindset by revealing to me how ingrained patterns of negative thinking crippled my life choices. We are what we think.

I felt as though you tailored the materials to fit me. The program "met me where I was" I wasn't forced into a pre-planned or inflexible agenda.

I would encourage anyone who is locked in a rut, or searching for a new way to make money, or seeking a change of mindset to step outside of their comfort zone and give the program a try."

- Sherri, Blogger, Georgia

"After just a few coaching sessions with Erin, I had made more tangible progress in launching my business than I had in the previous 12 months working on my own.

Thanks to Erin, I have narrowed my niche, determined the elements of my first coaching package and even started putting together my sales funnel. Erin's support and guidance was just the kickstart I, and my business, needed!"

- Angel, Flourish Coaching, Indiana

"Erin's positive energy is contagious! From the moment we first spoke, I felt encouraged, supported, and understood.

Erin has provided targeted, consistent support as I have pursued very ambitious goals for my business and life, and with her help, I'm realizing them!"

- Christine, Success Coach, Kentucky

"So this is what I've been up to... shooting this amazing content for this documentary. I seriously have you to thank! If I'd never had your Facebook group the other one wouldn't have been suggested to me, and I wouldn't have just "gone for it" to see where it would take me!!

I'm literally indebted to you forever!!

We were talking yesterday about all the serendipitous moments the project has had, and you are one of them. Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader."

- Natalie, Promo Producer, Australia

"Erin really helped me re-frame my perspective on so many different aspects of money. She created a safe space to talk about all my fears, memories, and anything else that came up related to money that I've never felt comfortable talking about before. Erin helped me realize that by being afraid of knowing how I spend and need money, doing that is the only way I'll start to figure out how to plan for the future, feel secure, and ask for what I need.

Also, I want to say that Erin really put in effort to get to know me and that meant the world to me. I specifically wrote down things she said to me to use as affirmations. 

And she also accidentally helped me determine what one of my passions is (which is another goal of mine for 2016), and that was being an advocate."

- Alyssa, Non-profit Fundraiser, Minnesota

"Erin is the difference from others in the market. She has had to use her training to retrain her money mindset. She is so easy to talk to, it was great fun chatting with her on the phone for an hour. 

We talked and laughed like old friends but I still managed to write two pages of notes and have a plan to retrain my money mindset.

Erin offers great training through free videos on her website and facebook posts.  Her sound advice and plan are easy to implement and start changing your life immediately.

I have taken to heart the many things we discussed. I spent money on myself this week, on something I didn’t need. A new dress!  A month ago I would have talked myself out of the purchase. As I always say now….'There is more where that came from'."

- Sheryl, Business Assistant, Kentucky