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If you're a parent that's actively trying to help your child work through emotional issues like anxiety, perfectionism, low self-esteem, constant stress and more, it can be a real challenge to get your kid to.... 

A) Talk about this at all, and
B) Even put words to their feelings. 

You see the negative behaviors (they don't want to try anything new, they cry when they get it wrong, they start fights)

You know they're struggling internally.

You're managing as best you can.

You've maybe got some tools to help you out... but it's still a mystery as to what they're feeling deep down. 


And when you ask, it's like pulling teeth. You end up in a fight because they dont know what you're asking and they often dont have the words to tell you (even if they wanted to). 

Even adults struggle with communication. Why should kids be any different?

I believe your child wants to share their feelings with you. You're their safe space. You're home base. AND Kids arent conditioned yet to keep their feelings to themselves. They dont know how to hide it as well as adults do.


Which means it's probably gonna come out in SOME WAY (usually behaviors) in your presence .... 

The problem is you don't know what the hell it means. 

If you had a way to DECODE their emotions, wouldn't that be helpful? 

Because if you can't understand what's going on, how can you help them fix it?

How can you assist them with all the tools I've given you if you don't even know what you're dealing with? 


I get it, I've been there, and thats what I want to help you to do. 

Everyone needs an outlet. A way to express themselves. It's human. 


The mind can be overwhelming. Loud. Confusing. 

We release stress and tension with body in motion.  

We release other emotions through creative outlets (music, art, dance, writing)

We do this because its often hard to find the words to express how we're actually feeling.


We can understand what's going on inside of us, and we can usually find some means to talk about it... but often our experience is unique and those around us might not understand.

Or its extremely personal.

Or there simply aren't the words to capture what you're dealing with. Even with all 171,000 words in the english language, sometimes we're still at a loss. 


What happens to those of us who don't have the words? (Like, your kid)

If we don't get our feelings OUT of our bodies, they only get worse. If you're someone like me who used to push down every feeling, pretend I was fine, and then joke about how I was "dead inside" ... it's not healthy. 

This is scientifically proven too. 

When you do this, you prevent your body from processing those emotions out. And when they stay in, they get bigger.


Over time they start to manifest as physical and mental health issues.

This is why you hear cases of chronic anxiety turning into heart disease. It can also turn into depression, OCD, PTSD, overweight, panic disorder, IBS, or compromising your entire immune system. 

Kids can go through trauma just as much as adults. In their world, small things feel like much bigger issues.

Teasing from siblings, overwhelm from the pressure to perform, even just fear of the unknown (like a new classroom) can bring out emotions they don't know how to handle.


The world tells us to toughen up, suck it up, power through, and just "deal with it" 

Which leaves us (and them) internally injured and immature. If your child leaves these feelings to persist on the inside, they can end up seriously hurt. 

Ever met an emotionally stunted grownup? It's not pretty. They function, they get through it, but relationships and happiness are a mess. Coping mechanisms (often addictions) develop because they have no idea how to help themselves in a healthy way.


So what do we do? How can we solve this? 

I'm going to teach you how to uncover and release emotions like this with your kid. 

I'm running a free 5-day challenge starting August 13th.

Together, we're walking you step by step through this process using art as the medium to tap into your child's emotions.

It's called Art for Emotions - The Paint Your Feelings Challenge. 


I decided to share the process this way because my initial test-run with my 7 year old turned out to be a huge learning experience and it didn't go nearly the way I expected. 

Shocking discovery -- Kids won't just sit down and start painting feelings. (Imagine that!)

When I figured out how to get him to do it, what worked and what didn't, it opened up the floodgates, and he wanted to paint EVERY feeling he had. 

I have so much information about him now to help him in a deeper way. 

This works. They end up loving it. And its so much fun. 

If you've ever sat down and tried to get your kid to follow a specific set of instructions to no avail, this will help you! 


Painting (drawing, music, any creative outlet) can help children express some of their inner feelings, whether its positive or negative stuff. Doesn't matter! 

So, consider this a life-saving skill for your child to learn now. (Remember all the health issues I mentioned before?)

Because I know you're already trying to get this out of them, and it's more difficult than we all anticipated, I created a system to melt those walls down and get them expressing themselves from a deeper place inside.

So YOU can then help them more effectively. 

I'm gonna walk you through how to prep your child, get them in the right mindset to do this, WITHOUT a fight, and then actually accomplish it in a fun way.... giving you results immediately. 



1. Fill out the yellow form box below. 

2. Check your email and click the link to join the private group. 

3. Mark your calendar! (Reminders will be sent out so you don't forget)



  • You'll be invited to a special Facebook group just for this challenge
  • You'll get email reminders and links to the videos.
  • I'll be in the group during the challenge week answering all your questions.
  • We'll dive in and take this one step at a time, making it really easy for you to connect with your child and help them in a totally new way.
  • You'll leave with a better understanding of what's happening inside their mind and heart, which empowers you to help them from a better place. 


I've been an artist all my life, and what I didn't realize until recently was that I use art all the time to process emotions. 

Some people are writers. Some want to listen to music, compile song lists, or play the same thing over and over. 

Your vein of creativity doesn't matter - this happens to be mine. 

What I share in this challenge is an extremely therapeutic method to not only help bring emotions to the surface so you can see what's going on, but it releases those internal feelings... even if there are no words behind them... and your child feels better simply by putting it on paper. 

Expressing ourselves is a huge way we communicate. We think it's just words and body language, but it's actually so much more. 

This a priceless information tool for YOU, but its also a therapy tool for your child.

You can use it over and over.

You can even use it on yourself - I encourage you to participate WITH your child in the challenge (as it will help them be more comfortable and less "watched"... our emotions can be very private things, you know?)

Join us now! I can't wait to get started. 



Questions? Click here to email me directly

We start August 13th. See you inside!