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Finally ready to be, do and have all-in, whatever it takes? Do you get off on high-ticket accountability and want to be KNOWN for your work - your magic?


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I created The Platinum Mastermind for a small, elite group of women just like you.


Women who want:

  • Confidence to show up bigger and better online.

  • Support to get past blocks keeping her stuck.

  • More clients and more money.

  • A step by step plan of action that actually works.

  • A business that’s fun and exciting.


I know what it’s like to struggle without help. It’s the scenic route to success, if you ever arrive. I spent two years trying to do it on my own with nothing to show for it except frustration, burn out and broke.


High-achieving women don’t like to ask for help. I get it. We’re driven, independent - and we want to keep it that way.


But here’s the thing: If what you're doing worked, you’d already have what you’re after.


The moment I realized that and hired a pro, everything changed.


In two weeks I made major shifts, sold out programs, created offers I was in love with, filled my group and grew a list full of people I was meant to serve.


And I haven’t stopped!


Reaching out for help and support from experts is proven to make you more successful. #science


The decision and courage to say yes to yourself and your dreams is no small feat. But it really is a simple choice to do something differently.


If you’re…

  • not screwing around anymore.
  • ready for money to start flowing in.
  • want amazing clients and programs that are fun.
  • don’t want to struggle anymore.
  • And are tired of wondering why your stuff doesn’t sell.


Get in The Platinum Mastermind.


It’s my unabashed mission to help driven women entrepreneurs like you quit struggling and finally get what they want - in life and business.


This is exactly why I created this year-long mastermind.


Here’s how it works

  • Unlimited access to me

  • Monthly group calls

  • A private community with other high-level women

  • Weekly group training


Check out the amazing results happening in the group RIGHT NOW - after just 2 months:


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.14.55 AM.png





8 spots open.

Taking new applications NOW.


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To your amazing business success!


PS - This year-long program is an all-access pass to me and my life’s work. It’s designed to give you the support you need to achieve anything you want. Goal-setting, monthly calls, accountability and a room of other women all on the same mission means you’re creating the ideal situation to succeed.


PPS - For just $1500 a month, this is the most affordable way to work with me 1:1. You can stop struggling, wasting money on things that don’t work, and get the intimate, personalized help and accountability you know you need.


Again, only 8 slots are available! Get in while you can.  Here’ that link again:

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