Superhero Art Camp

Six weeks of creative projects + mindset lessons to help your child overcome negative emotions. 

The purpose of Superhero Art Camp is to help your anxious child find their innate gifts (their superpower!), and be whoever they want to be in the world. 

We do this by guiding them through positive mindset-focused art projects and activities to learn about themselves, and give them permission to embrace the gifts and talents they were born with.

Our mission is to help children grow into the world-changers they were meant to be. 

How do you know if this is right for your child? 

  • Does your daughter burst into tears when the snow cone truck doesn't come to the park like she hoped?
  • Does your son yell at himself and throw his toys across the room for making tiny mistakes like spill his juice?
  • Does she panic at the idea of a new sport because she thinks she's going to mess up and look stupid? 
  • Does he refuse to wear his favorite shirt ever again because someone made fun of him once?  
  • Does she sit in the back of the class and not raise her hand, even though she knows the answers?

You're lost on how to help them feel better. 

You're in agony watching them in agony.

It sucks to feel helpless and alone.

You'd give anything to help your kid feel more confident, happier, and like everything was going to be okay.

I've been where you are. I know what it feels like to be desperate for answers as a parent of an anxious child, and it seems like no one has them.

It wasn't that long ago that my first grader was having huge emotional meltdowns in front of his classmates and teachers. He would hit himself when he couldn't tie his shoes right the first time. He refused to try anything that he wasn't already good at, and he had overly-sensitive reactions to change of any kind.

It killed me to watch this happening to him. It was worse when I couldn't find the answers I needed to help.

It never just affects the child either. It impacted our entire family. We were spending more time calming him down and walking on eggshells than enjoying our time together.


It’s not your fault this is happening. And it’s not your fault that you can’t find help.

The answers simply haven’t existed until now.

I'm Erin, creator of this camp, and I've spent my entire life overcoming my own perfectionism and lack of self worth. Over the last 10 years I've researched and implemented a revolutionary concept called growth mindset in my own life and in my children.

art projects to build confidence.jpg

In a growth mindset, the main ideas focus on making mistakes, celebrating them and learning from them. All of this together helps us become better, stronger, wiser humans. Plus, if it's done correctly, learning becomes fun!   

This work changed everything for me and my family. It was the solution I had been searching for. It turned everything I thought was hopeless with my child into a situation I could easily fix.

And it happened faster than I thought possible.

I'm on a mission to share it so you can change and empower your own kids.

You don't have to feel confused or lost about how to help your child anymore.

You don't have to live a life of walking on eggshells and wondering when the next meltdown is coming.

You don't have to cross your fingers, hoping it'll work itself out, but secretly feeling like a failure.

The Goal of Superhero Art Camp:

To help your child embrace who they are so completely that they feel like their natural talents and gifts are just that - GIFTS. And they have permission to be whoever they want to be in the world. Nothing is off limits for them!

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They can dream big and feel confident in who they are.

And when you feel confident in who you are... 

  • Fear shrinks
  • Anxiety lessens
  • They become braver
  • You see them being more resilient
  • They cant wait to try new things
  • A love of learning grows
  • They take on challenges
  • They stand as leaders
  • You can tell they feel proud of themselves
  • And the big one: Calmness and happiness flood your home.

When we feel like we are allowed to be ourselves, and then we go BE ourselves, that happiness shows up. 

When we're happy, the weight of the world drops away. 

Because you're not worried about what others think and you feel free to speak your truth.

This exact shift happened in my own home.

The problem is no one knows how simple it can be.

Which is exactly why I created this online experience for your children: Superhero Art Camp

When you can get to the root of the problem and help your kids release the negative thoughts standing in their way, they are free to become their best selves.

Their potential skyrockets and they are happy and calm.

Bonus: Because this work is specific to their thinking, you are actively setting up your children to feel this way for life.


creative kids be yourself.jpg

What you get: 

For kids: 

1. Video lesson with the topic of the week

2. Printable pages with journaling prompts to help them think and process through the topic

3. Weekly art challenge to tie it all together in a hands-on creative experience

(All videos and activities are accessible for your child at any time. They are preloaded each week for your convenience, and take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Download, watch, create.) 


For Parents: 

1. 6 weeks of power-packed live sessions for YOU on each weekly topic

2. Access to practical strategies, activities, resources and support you can apply immediately

3. Access to a private Facebook community where I am available to answer your questions and troubleshoot on the spot


Topics we cover: 

  • Compassion (kindness + self love) for ourselves, others, animals and the world
  • Grit & Resilience: Not giving up, believing in ourselves even when it seems impossible
  • Gratitude: how thankfulness can change our attitudes when we feel frustrated
  • Patience: Learning how to make mistakes, how waiting can be beneficial, and the super skills it gives us
  • Confidence:  What we like about ourselves and are good at already 
  • Problem solving: How to overcome hard things and brainstorm solutions that get us where we want to go


You get all of this life-changing material, my expertise, and a truckload of fun, creative resources for your child for just $597. 


1. Module 1 has been launched completely for free - you can get access by contacting me directly. 

2. Sign up before Friday, August 31st and get 60-minute personal coaching call, FREE! ($500 value)



This is only available to 10 families in order for me to guide you up close (only a few left).

We start September 7th!

It’s time for YOU to feel empowered to help your children overcome these struggles.

It's so much easier to make the shifts when they're young.

The best part is that the work they do in this program will naturally be instilled when they become parents, and when your grandchildren become parents, and so on. We are breaking patterns for good so that no one has to suffer this way ever again.

So you're not just healing your child. You're saving multiple generations from suffering.

Click HERE to reserve your spot today.



Questions? Email me directly. 

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