“Her designs are out of this world”

Erin immediately understood my vision and nailed what I needed. 

So far, she has completely redesigned my programs, workbooks, social media graphics and helped me create a new journal. She consistently over-delivers, works fast, and sticks with it until we get it exactly right. 

Her designs are out of this world and she is super easy to work with. Every designer should aspire to this level of quality and service.

And now I send everyone I know to Erin. Her work is genius. Hire her immediately. 

- Rebecca T. Dickson, Mindset & Business Expert

“Erin makes the process so easy.”

When I decided to change my brand colors, Erin was the first person I contacted. I had seen her work and knew she was the one I needed to work with. 

I had a color palette in mind and shared it with her. She came to the table with what we had talked about and with a color palette that was different. It was that palette I instantly fell in love with and I am starting to use now. 

Erin makes the process so easy. She is so fun to chat with and she knows her stuff. 

Monique Pearson, Coach

“Perfect for my life”

Erin took my strange doodling and vague directions and put together a logo that was perfect for my life.

She asked questions that were pertinent and incorporated who I am as a person and where my business is going, she seemed to be able to hone in on what would work for me. I am traveling and living a vagabond lifestyle while still building a business. It's great to have a logo that reflects me!

Catherine Delia, World Traveling Consultant

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Erin, this is SO GORGEOUS!
OMG, you’re a genius, and I’m so excited, thank you so much!!!"

Marste McDonald, Coach for Women


“Like working with your best friend”

Working with Erin was a blast! She understood my vision and brought it to life with ease. It may have been a small project, but Erin handled it with such great care. It was like working with your best friend – Erin listened to what I had to say, took in what I had come up with, and gave me options I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I loved every minute of it!

Fariha M. Masud, Health Coach

“You have done an outstanding job of capturing my vision. So excited to reveal to the public!!!!!”

— Erik Lindsey, Sound Planning Partners