Free Facebook live challenge: DAy 1


Are you ready to be seen like never before? 

I know that sounds terrifying -- but it is TRULY a good thing to have in your corner. Plus as you already know, this is the best way to reach your people, gain trust, build relationships, and start sharing your expertise. 

As an introvert who used to hate being the center of attention: it's totally possible to start having FUN when people watch you because you're sharing your true passion with the world. 

Let's get started.  

DAY 1: Fear of taking the plunge. 

The few moments just before you hit "GO LIVE" are the worst, right? 

You panic. You don't know if you're ready. 

You start to sweat (maybe even swear, which is what I typed out first), and then you get too scared to go through with it. 

Or you don't even try because you can't stomach the idea of looking like a total idiot in front of tons of people. 

How many times has your fear gotten the best of you? 

Too. Many. 

The truth is that no business is built by someone who can't be a leader. No one wants to follow a scaredy-cat. And that's what I want to teach you this week. 

Here's the big secret trick: 

Just start. (OMG is she serious?)


Even if you are scared.... say so! People will relate to your honesty.

Count to three and just GO! Add a glass of wine if you need an extra boost of confidence.  

There's no secret to this other than you decide that you want your message to get out there and that drive to share what you know is bigger than your fear. 

The choice is up to you. 

Action steps:

1. Plan it out. What will you say? It's perfectly ok to have a few notes beside you. (Remember I used to completely script my webinars and then pray no one would show up.)

2. When you go live, introduce yourself first. Tell your audience what you do. Mention your website. Thank people for watching. And so forth. Whatever makes sense for your business will fit here. 

3. JUST DO IT - Come in the group (join HERE if you're not in yet) and go LIVE on video for just a moment or two! 
- Tell us who you are
- Tell us what your business is
- Tell us what you want to leave with at the end of this challenge. 

(Yes omg I'm making you get your gorgeous face on camera right away. I don't mess around - this is how you get results.) 

The best way to get better at something is with practice! :) 

I look forward to seeing your intro videos in the group!