Free Facebook live challenge: DAy 2


If you introduced yourself in the group on LIVE VIDEO yesterday, I'm so proud of you! Everything from here on out will be downhill. 

Yeah. That was it. You conquered the biggest fear of them all - just starting! 


If you haven't introduced yourself yet, don't be shy. This is a keystone exercise to the rest of this challenge. Head over to the group now and let us know who you are. 

From here on out, we tackle more fears, but none are more scary than hitting that GO LIVE button for the first time. 

Moving right along -- 

DAY 2: Fear of not knowing what to say next. 

You're live, you've said hi. You thanked them for watching, you told them what you do. 

Now what? 

"WTF do I talk about now?" 

Cue deer in the headlights. EEEEEEEEEEEE!

This can be whatever you want it to be. That's not a cop-out to not teach you something, but in all honesty, this is unique to your client. What do they want to hear?

I like to give content. What is something I can teach? How can I help my people?

This doesn't have to be a 30-minute diatribe on the benefits of coconut oil or anything. No one really has time for that. 

Keep it simple. Pick ONE helpful topic & 2-3 talking points. Keep them beside you in case you get lost. Shoot for just a couple minutes. Done!

Action steps:

1. Pick a topic. What can you share? How can you drop some knowledge on your peeps? 

2. DO NOT - I repeat - do not overthink this and decide "everyone knows that already." Even if they do, it's your job to remind them. 

3.  JUST DO IT - Come in the group (join HERE if you're not in yet) and go LIVE on video for just a moment or two! 
- Intro yourself (step 1)
- Share a tidbit about something you know that could help us! It can literally be ANYTHING.  

Remember this challenge group is small, so it's a perfect place to start and make mistakes with everyone else (which we will also be talking about before the end of this). 

I look forward to seeing your videos in the group