Free Facebook live challenge: DAy 3

How's it going so far? 

For those of you giving this your all, you're doing amazing! I love seeing your stuff, plus I'm getting to know you better. 

Tag me in the group if you need help or get stuck. 

DAY 3: Fear that no one cares or is watching. 

As soon as we get brave enough to get out there, well..... shit, where is everyone? 

All this work for nothing? 
Is it even working?
Who is seeing my stuff? 

Two things happen on a live video stream:
- People are online at that moment and stop to watch
- ..... or not! 

Don't worry about it. People will see your stuff. Content on Facebook moves quickly. Spend any time at all in a group over 10,000 people and you'll notice how fast your post can disappear. 

So how do you know if it's being watched? 

1. Check the views at any time. (right under the video on the left)

2. Pull up the page you're live-streaming on your laptop so you can see comments. Facebook isn't perfect at this yet - many times comments and "likes" don't show up on your mobile device while you are live.

They WILL show up on the actual page on a computer. Hopefully this will be fixed soon by the Facebook wizards, but until then, just be aware!

3. Give a call to action at the end of your video. Don't just jump off - give people the next step so if they like what they see, they can get more info whether they're on live or viewing the replay.

(Examples - a freebie link, your FB page, FB group, join your email list, whatever you like!)   

4. (You knew this was coming) JUST DO IT - Come in the group (join HERE if you're not in yet) and go LIVE on video.
- Intro yourself (step 1)
- Share content (step 2) - something different from yesterday!
- Give a call to action! 

Remember - it's ok to plan ahead and jot down some notes. This doesn't have to blow anyone's mind or cure cancer. You're just sharing things you know in a helpful way and pointing people to the next step if they want more. 


I look forward to seeing your videos in the group!