Free Facebook live challenge: DAy 4

Keep it up babe, you're doing great! 

Tag me in the group if you need help or get stuck.


DAY 4: Fear of putting yourself out there. 

Yesterday we talked about the fear that NO ONE was seeing us once we finally got brave enough to go for it. 

Today we're talking about the opposite - fear that people ARE watching!

Two straight truths here. I refuse to bullshit you:
1. The more people see you, the more people can get your stuff. Plain and simple. 
2. This gets easier with practice. It's hard to imagine now but you WILL eventually feel excited to have 20+ "eyes" on you at a time.

No one will find you on accident, gorgeous. The internet is just too damn big. Short of hiring a PR firm, you've got to hustle your face everywhere. 

BLANKET THE INTERNET (as my coach tells me).

The good news? It doesn't mean you have to make a NEW video for every group and avenue of social media. 

(However there ARE people that do this - so don't count it as a "DON'T")

You can repurpose the same video in various places:
- Your FB Groups,
- Your FB biz page,
- Link it up in emails,
- Use one on a landing page or your website....

The options are endless. 

1. Make a list of all the places that you can post your videos. 

2. Now plan out how many times a day you're going to do just that. 
What will that mean in terms of production (actual streaming, reposting, etc)? How long is your prep time now (planning out what to say, jotting notes, psyching yourself up)? Be realistic. Start small and build later. 

3.(Different today!) JUST DO IT - take one of your videos you posted, DOWNLOAD IT*, and repost in at least one other place on your list. 

*Once the video has processed after you go live, click on the video itself so it opens in it's own window. The 3 dots on the top right corner will have the option to Download to your desktop*

4. Come tell us what you did and where you posted in the group!