Free Facebook live challenge: DAy 5

Last Day! You made it. 

How do you feel now? You've done 3 live videos AND shared content somewhere else online. 

You should be celebrating! This is more than most business owners will EVER do. Keep this up and you will get everything you want. 

Your comfort level and confidence continues to rise whenever you do something out of the box over and over. After a few more of these, you'll look back and wonder what the big deal was. 

Fear - smashed. 
Confidence - rocketing.
Skills - edgy. 

You're welcome. :)

This goes beyond just videos online. You can apply this process to anything in life, break down any fear, move through your goals with smooth confidence, and come out a fucking rockstar. 

Feels good, right? 

Finish strong - 

DAY 5: Fear of mistakes. 

By now you've probably made some. 

- Maybe you practiced your video a few times before you went live only to totally flop when it was the real deal.

- Maybe you did read a script and watched the replay and realized it totally looked like you were reading! 

- Maybe you went blank on what you were going to say, it was awkward, you forgot the whole point, and it felt like a mess. 

Good news? The world didn't end. You're still alive. And guess what? 

If you mess up, its ok. You have permission to be imperfect. Laugh at yourself when it happens - people love the human aspect of goofing up on camera.

(Blooper reels anyone?)

You don't get better until you DO it. So....

1. JUST DO IT - For your final video in this challenge, I want you to show up totally UNSCRIPTED. No talking points. Nothing. 
- Tell me what you learned this week and your plan of action going forward. 
- MAKE A CRAP-TON OF MISTAKES! If your video today has no mistakes, I will know you cheated. :) 

You have more inside you than you realize. The more comfortable you get, the less notes and practice you will need. 

Congrats!! You did it! 

Well done, badass. I had a blast with you. 



Watch your videos back and take notes. This is uncomfortable, but it's like when sports teams view their plays over and over and over. It helps them NOT make those mistakes next time. 

- How's the light?
- Can you be heard? 
- Are you looking in the right place?
- How many times do you say "UM"?
- Get a friend or two to view your stuff and give you feedback. 

And as always, come share in the group!