Ready to get instant clients, raving fans, binge-watchers, and sold out programs?


If you're tired of being unseen, unheard and undervalued, but don't know how to leverage your business into total world domination…

This is for you.

How amazing (and relieving) would it be to actually have clients, money, and a business you love?


You can finally stop:

  • Struggling,
  • Spinning your wheels,
  • Guessing at what works,
  • Being a perfectionist,
  • Stressing that you're not doing it right,
  • or wondering if anyone is watching...


Other people launch amazing stuff, sell out, and make it look easy.

You sit and wonder, "What's wrong with me?"


You feel stupid not knowing how it’s done.

It seems like you’re missing something, but you don’t know what.

You’d give anything to have the formula for success.


Good news, gorgeous: I have what you need.


Let’s make it EASY to create and sell out any program, become the woman you were meant to be, and bring your message to the masses.



Listen, I get it.

It wasn’t that long ago I was scripting my webinars and live streams, agonizing over every post, and forever asking “what else can I do?”

I worried about showing up at all, looking stupid and having lame content. But I also saw that other successful people were doing this - and getting results - and I’d be left behind if I didn’t keep up.

It came down to two things: my confidence level and feelings of self-worth.

YOU and how you see yourself have everything to do with your success.

I made the mistake of thinking I wasn't part of the equation.

I believed I could just keep hacking away at systems and structures, and eventually something would take.

Confession: I was afraid of being ME.

I was afraid people wouldn’t like the real me, that my stuff wasn’t good enough, it wouldn’t work at all and I’d have taken the risk, bared my soul, and failed.

I spent over a year shifting my mindset around everything I was doing. I invested in a lot of coaching that could help me see what I was missing.

When it finally clicked how to stop caring about what everyone else thought, how to be myself and show up bigger and better as ME, and how to stop sabotaging it all with my thought process, things shifted almost immediately.


It changed my confidence.

I saw how much value I had to offer.

I could change lives the way I wanted to.

And it overflowed into every area of my life.


Now I want to show you how to feel the same.


You can choose to let go of the fear and become the incredible person you are deep down.

You can decide to say yes to what you want in spite of fear.

You can dare to show up and be seen, reach your people, and make a difference.


And once you do? Everything falls into place.



Getting what you want doesn't happen by second-guessing your every move, avoiding being visible, or waiting for people to magically find you.

You get to choose everything good that happens in your life.

You can create anything you want.

You deserve to make a difference.

You have the capacity right now to be completely yourself without fear, and bring your message to the clients who need you - without apology.


The power and energy to become a massively successful businesswoman is inside of you.


The problem is you’re confused - and scared - to show everyone just how powerful you can be.

It's my mission to help women entrepreneurs like you get what you want by becoming who you're meant to be.

I’m passionate about helping you get out of your own way, pull the trigger and discover business that’s FUN and EASY.



When we work together, we get to the bottom of what you’re telling yourself: why you choose not to show up, what your base fears are and how they keep you small.

More importantly, we craft a plan to end that crap for good.

No two clients are the same. My coaching is customized to your needs.

No matter where you are, we'll cover these areas:

  • Mindset -

    • Understanding who you are

    • What you're capable of

    • Owning it so you can be who you're meant to be


  • Clarity -

    • Understanding who you serve

    • What they want

    • What YOU want

    • What you're brilliant at doing


  • Action -

    • Creating what your people want

    • Showing up as the new improved you

    • Selling out and making those instant sales


You leave a completely different person.

All in a single day!


Full day 1:1 virtual intensive

Plus 2 weeks of unlimited email support to hold you accountable.

***BONUS! - A full month access into the Platinum Mastermind (unlimited access + support)

Just $4997

Cheers to your success!

P.S. - This 1:1 intensive is designed to help you rise above everyone else out there who’s too scared to dig up their own bullshit in order to succeed. This is an edge for you by showing you exactly how to hone in on your true self, bring the best of you to your audience, and communicate all of your value faster and more effectively.


P.P.S. - For only $4997 you can stop wondering how to leverage yourself online to finally be seen, get confidence you’ve never had, and start making money with clients you love. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're wasting more money and time doing it the wrong way. I'm here to free you from that.


P.P.P.S. - This is available to ONLY THREE people. Get it while you can before someone else does and then blows you out of the water. I'm known for fast results in as little as one conversation. Imagine what can happen after an entire day together with my eyes on all your stuff.


Questions? Shoot me an email: erin@erinkmonaghan.com