March 30, 2017

Feeling crazy? Like no one actually gets it?

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You hear them talk. 

Everyone is echoing the same thing. 

“What is she thinking?”
“It’s a little too ______”
“It’s not enough _______”
“Here she goes again…”
“When is she going to get a REAL job?”
“Does she really think that’s going to work?”

And you start to believe them. 

You’re the only one who knows the real truth, so surely you can’t be crazy. But how do you really know? 

The truth is: You don’t

– Everyone is allowed to think what they want about anything.
– Everyone’s reality is slightly different. 

The other truth – it doesn’t matter what they think. 

Don’t waste your time with people who tell you you’re crazy (often family & friends, the ones we expect will support us the most), have negative stuff to say, and tell you you’re too much or not enough. 

Their opinions are bullshit. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in the tiny percentage of the population willing to take risks, go big, try new shit, buck the status quo, and NEVER settle. 

(Everyone else is too fucking scared)

You were created for MORE. It’s in your DNA. 

Surround yourself with 100 of the people you know best, and only a handful of them will get what you’re trying to do. 

The rest won’t. 

They’ll say it’s risky, irresponsible, wasteful, neglectful, too much this, not enough that, off-putting, offensive, etc. 

…. and most of it will be said behind your back. 

The key to fixing this? 

Is not changing them (as much as you want to shake them until they see the light). 

It’s changing YOU – and how much you’ve attached yourself to the opinions of others, allowing them to determine your worth. 

By listening to these morons who don’t get it, you keep yourself as small as they keep you. 

Why let your dreams be defined by assholes? Didn’t you leave your 9-5 job for that very reason? 

As long as you’re listening to what they say, you’ll believe it. 

1. Stop listening. Their opinions don’t matter. 
2. Stop engaging. If they can’t support you, they don’t get to know things. 
3. Start believing in yourself. You are the only one that can make this happen for you. No one else is gonna do it. 

***** Is it more important for you to be LIKED or for you to go change the world?*****

They can fuck off. End of story. 

Their misunderstanding isn’t your problem. You were created for great things. 

– Stand out
– Don’t fit in
– Don’t run with the pack
– Blaze the trail so others can follow
– Don’t care if others think they’re crazy

Are you a leader? 

I know you are. 


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