October 11, 2017

Is there actually something wrong with you?

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You are not helpless. 

You can’t depend on other people to make you happy.

You can’t wait for happiness to find you
Or bad things to stop happening
Or waiting on people to change


People that suck? Get them out of your life
No respect? Leave
Don’t like your life? Change it starting right now. 

Its not up to anyone else – it’s only up to you. 

The first thing to do is figure out what you actually want. 

You’ve let everyone else dictate this for you. 
You have no clue what you’re after. 

You know you want success. 
You know you want a better life
You know you want MORE — even though you’re too scared to admit it and you feel guilty…

But I bet you haven’t sat down and gotten really detailed in every area of your life that you want something from. It’s more than money, what about everything else? 


My goal here is to show you how to speak up. How to get in touch with the real you so you can REALIZE just how powerful and capable you are. 

As long as you allow everyone else to hold you down, you worry about what they think or say, you render yourself powerLESS. 

You’re forever thinking YOU’RE wrong or that something is wrong with you — and its just not true. You are allowed to speak YOUR truth and they can think you’re crazy. 

It’s really ok. 
Life will not end.
It feels like it might.

And you might feel like you’re going crazy in your head trying to figure out how to fix it. 

But its not your job to fix THEM. Its your job to take care of you, to do whats right for you. 

And until you do that, you cannot have what you want…. because you don’t know, you’re willing to compromise who you are for the sake of other people and you will continue to stay where you are because you’re too afraid to change it.

You’re too scared to shake things up and get people mad at you and call you names and whatever…. 

You’re going to get some haters in the process. 

Thats what happens when you start putting yourself first. 
Especially those that you’ve been catering to all your life…. they’re going to realize you’re suddenly not doing it anymore. 

And they’ll freak out.
But thats not your problem. 

How can you possibly get what you want when you’re so busy taking care of everyone else’s feelings and needs? 

Always putting them first. 
Always putting yourself last. 
Never taking the time for you — never saying NO. 
Always being the GOOD GIRL. 
Always doing what you’re told. 

YEAH and you’re miserable inside. 
Waiting for the day when things change. 

Guess what gorgeous? You’re wasting time! You could have that day right now. 

You don’t have to wait. 

I’m showing you how to take control NOW. TODAY. 

To get what you want
To design the life you dream about
To ditch all the losers you’ve been hanging out with
To RISE to the leader you’re meant to be in life
To leverage your strengths and gifts for the greater good
To have masive impact

No more mediocre life, ho-humming around and waiting for it to get better. 

Your time is NOW! 

Get in this challenge. We start on Monday. I’m going to walk you through my own steps of overcoming fear, not caring what they think anymore, and stepping into the role I was BORN to play — not the one everyone told me I should. 


If that’s you, come join us.

It’s totally FREE and it’s 5-days chock full of content and tools that you can use to radically change the course of your life and start getting what you desire and deserve now, not a year (or more) from now. 

You’ve got nothing to lose. This is all WAY easier than you think. 


We start Monday, Oct 16th. 

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