November 8, 2017

I am the weird horse girl

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I’m about to out myself real deep here to anyone that didn’t know me in elementary school. 

I love horses. I always have. I always will. 

And not just like “oh, so pretty, look!” as most girls might. 

I’m talking like celebrity-sighting internal dialog “do NOT flip out and act like an idiot in front of the horse. Be cool. BE COOL!” 

I was obsessed as a little girl and my parents got me riding lessons when I was in the fifth grade. I GOT TO TOUCH THEM AND FEED THEM AND OMG 11-YEAR-OLD HEAVEN. 

But I only got to ride horses for one year and my life-long (11 years!) dream of seeing the Lippizaner Stallions hadn’t happened yet, so I did the only thing I knew how to do.

I would draw. 

I drew horses on everything. I won my first rodeo art contest with a picture of (wait for it…) A HORSE. 

I’ve always been a doodler and kicked ass in art class. No big deal. But horses were the first thing I got obsessed with.

I would draw them over and over.

I had books on how to draw horses.

I had sketch pads and pencils and I’d color them in, decide they weren’t lifelike enough or the nose was too big and start all over until I was satisfied.

I drew in my notebooks in school. I didn’t write boys names (+ my name + his last name)…. I drew flowy tails and spindly legs all galloping around my pages. 


As a quiet kid, drawing was how I would express myself. I could make things and be great at something without even trying. I got noticed in this arena when I wasn’t noticed in very many others. I could work out the grief of a breakup or entertain myself by making pictures for my own room. 

It was my little safe place that no one could touch or take from me, and yet when I shared it, everyone was amazed.

I never thought of it as a gift that could help others. It always seemed too personal to be helpful. 

When I walked into the world of online coaching 2 years ago, I found a secret world of people that are bent on changing the world. They don’t talk about it. They DO IT. Its fucking amazing. Its inspiring as hell. 

I found a place where my gifts can finally mean something.

Up until now, they didn’t really have a place. They were just…. there. Being used, but not used well. I spent 12 years in corporate graphic design, and after the first 4-5, I was bored. 


The entrepreneur space is electric. It’s full of people on trajectories of personal growth and all on missions to raise the state of the world. 

This makes me excited. Partnering with masterminds and thought leaders who ARE CHANGING things means I get to partner with change. I get to partner with meaning and purpose and actual impact. 

I get to use my gifts and talents FINALLY to help in a way that feels awesome. 

I’m here to help and support the people who are shaking things up. I’m here to empower YOU to further share your message. Your brand has a voice and an image – and that’s what I’m here to help you create. 

Get in touch. Branded social media package starting at $299. 







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