November 10, 2017

3 reasons why you need more than a logo

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YES. A logo is cool. It totally is – it’s a favorite part of brand creation because everyone believes all their eggs go in this one basket. 

However, that’s not how it really works. 

If Nike, McDonalds, or William Sonoma were all just names and symbols (logos) with nothing else behind them, you’d not only have no idea what they were about, but you also wouldn’t care. 



A good brand tells a story. It evokes an emotion that the client or customer resonates with and THAT is why they buy from you. Not because of your logo. No one actually cares what your logo is, so you can stop obsessing and perfecting it. 

Basically? It’s a symbol. That’s it. 

Have one. But also have a color scheme and a set of images and a MESSAGE behind all of those things that motivates your audience to do something. What are you solving? What is your vision and mission with your business? 

If you don’t know, then your brand can’t do much. Without your voice and your vision? The VISUALS mean nothing. 

Branding elements are supporting cast. A beautiful website will not make you millions. The perfect set of colors will do nothing if people dont know what they stand for. And so all of these pieces work in tandem to create the total experience for the customer. 


Not every element calls for it, and at some point, it can just be a little desperate and inauthentic. 

What you CAN do however is have several elements that all compliment each other – your voice, your mission, and your look & feel (branding) behind it all to show up on multiple platforms in a cohesive way that is pleasant to look at (and not annoying). 

This is called consistency. And this is absolutely something you want because it shows your customer that you can be trusted. You’re the SAME everywhere they look. They know what to expect. They know what you’re all about, and you show up the same way over and over again in front of them. 

Seems like a little thing, but think of it the opposite way. If you have colors that are ranging from soft pastels to loud neons all in the same week… how can people know what you’re up to? How will they know what you’re doing?

(And that begs the question if YOU really know what you’re doing.)

People dont like change. They like predictable and something they can count on, especially when it comes to something that they’ll potentially spend money on. Be dependable as a brand and show up with a cohesive color scheme, fonts, image style, and message. 



 What does all this do for you? It may seem hum-drum and boring on your end because you’re looking at the same thing all day long, but for your client and potential customer? It not only establishes know-like-and-trust, but it also helps you get RECOGNIZED in a sea of visual assault (social media) every day. 

Color increases brand recognition by 80%. HELLO! 

That’s why it’s so important. When you get recognized over and over again, people are more likely to follow you, visit your website, and start purchasing from you. 

Take the time to establish the foundations of what you’re all about – including your brand and how you want to be seen online. 

You’re communicating all the same stuff, just visually. It’s another layer of engagement that’s critical to your success. 


Ready to take your brand to the next level? 

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