October 16, 2018

It’s been a while, yeah? 

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I’m SURE you’ve lost sleep over my whereabouts. LOLZ. 

Things have changed up around here, and I’m sharing this so I don’t waste either of our time together. 

At the end of this is a chance for you to re-subscribe to my list, depending on where you land in this new direction. Fair-sies? 

I need to start this with a smidge of background about myself: 

I was the artsy kid in school who could never get enough. I hated sitting through math and history, but I survived by doodling in the margins of all my papers. Yes, I made good grades, but when it came to really chasing after who I wanted to be? An outlet didn’t exist. 

Even in college, I was told to find a marketable skill (I wanted to spend my days painting… can you imagine the audacity of my parents to ask me NOT to waste their money!?)

The public school system is fucked up and the REAL talents of our kids are being smothered. Won’t soapbox you, but if you get it, you get it. 

That’s the message I started with, and that’s the message I’m coming back to. I’m here to show you and your kids that you CAN be that little artist inside after all. 

GREAT NEWS: You don’t have to sacrifice it for The Man and a stuffy desk job anymore. The internet and social media have afforded us a bajillion opportunities to build whatever we want and make a nice living. 

Cut to the chase: WTF is this now? 

1. First things first, I’m embracing the artist I’ve always been and just making awesome stuff I think people (like me) would like. You can check out the newly-launched shop HERE. And HERE.  *Heads up* NSFW. I like swearing. 

2. I’m building courses to teach art, to help the artist within embrace the fun-ness and real needs of our deeper selves. Some of this will be for kids. Some for adults.

3. Eventually, business classes to teach you how to build your own art biz. 

Who’s it for? 
– If you like snarky quotes
– If you drink wine & coffee interchangeably (every parent?)
– If you adore your pets and/or kids
– If you just like making stuff
– Kids who don’t fit the school system
– Kids who have creativity & talent pouring out of them
– Parents / Teachers who want to foster more creative opportunities in their kids
– If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint, draw, etc and just never gave yourself the chance
– If you desperately crave more creativity in life because it’s calming, peaceful, stress-relieving, and honestly the thing you love to do the most (you just thought you weren’t “allowed” because it wasn’t gonna make you any money.)
– If you’d love to learn how to build a biz doing what you ACTUALLY love… yeah you CAN be that painting major after all. Who knew?  

And if that’s not you? That’s totally OK. 

What will these new emails include? 
– New fun shop items (aka things I make)
– Beautiful paintings for sale
– News on upcoming classes for you / your kids 
– Expert advice I have for you along the way
– More awesome creative stuff. 

You in? Click below…

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Looking forward to seeing you there, 


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