November 14, 2018

You will be EXACTLY as happy as you DECIDE to be

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Money won’t buy happiness for you.
The perfect relationship won’t fill your needs.
Kids? Definitely not (lol)

“STUFF” does not = happiness. 

If it did, we wouldn’t keep trying to obtain more of it. 

If you’re waiting around for the stuff to make you happy?
To actually start your life?
To feel like you’ve made it?
You’re successful NOW that ___ happened?

You’ll be waiting your entire life to feel good.

Because you’re focused in the wrong place. 

How many times looking back were you waiting for that next big thing? 

– Wait to graduate
– Wait to get that perfect job or promotion
– Wait to get married 
– Wait to have kids

… and then, THEN we’ll have it all. We’ll feel great. Life will be complete.

I had it all and I was left wondering what was wrong with me because it didn’t make me happy. 

We aren’t waiting. We’re WASTING a bunch of time thinking it’s the next thing in your life that’s gonna solve it all. That’s gonna finally “make” you happy. 

If the job, the spouse, the picket fence, your friends or the kids didn’t do it…. why do you think it’ll all be magically solved when your business hits that next goal? 

Deep down, you know it won’t

The trick? 

Find gratitude for right now. This moment. HERE. No matter how shitty it feels.  

I live in Nashville, and I’m in this neighborhood-watch facebook group. Someone started whining about how it’s too crowded now. And yeah, Nashville is this popular spot and everyone’s flocking here like we have rivers made of whiskey. 

(Sadly, we don’t)

A bajillion people jumped into this online discussion to bitch and moan about it all. 


You know how bored we are to be complaining about how our house value is SKYROCKETING? My house is worth twice what I bought it for.

It’s all perspective.
You can find the POSITIVE in anything if you want to. 

I lost 3 babies to miscarriage. 
Anyone would be devastated. 
But in hindsight?
It woke me up to doing something more with my life. And not waiting around anymore. 

I’ve been broke, choosing which bills to pay that month, not answering the phone from collectors because I didn’t have anything to give them,  

But I can still find a silver lining in my giant pile of laundry (it means I have clothes for my family. CLEAN ones.) 

Going to the grocery store = i get to buy food for my family. 
Dirty dishes = we eat
My electric bill = we are warm
Toys everywhere = my kids are able to LIVE and make a mess and have fun

So you can choose to complain about everything that’s falling apart in your life. Its easier, no doubt. 

But you just end up attracting more of it and feeling shitty.

OR …

You can do the harder thing and find what IS good right now and focus on that.

It takes practice, but it’s worth it… 

  • You feel better

  • You notice more good things

  • You dont crawl in bed as much because your life sucks less

  • Which means you actually do more things on your own behalf to keep the good feelings going

  • Slowly but surely your life starts to get better

It’s like magic.

Right now. 

You can choose happiness in the midst of whatever chaos and insanity and devastation is going on in your life. 

That doesn’t mean you dont let your feelings out or pretend they don’t exist.  
(Fear, grief, frustration, anger, etc) 

But you also don’t let them eat you alive.

There is always ONE good thing about each day – even if it’s the fact that you’re still here, alive. 

And that’s a pretty amazing thing if you think about it. 

Hit reply and tell me what one thing is going well in your life right now. Big or small, doesn’t matter. 

– Erin

PS – Check out the livestream version of this HERE and watch me create as you listen. (Free inspirational graphic in the comments) 

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