December 6, 2018

How dare you be so bold?

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You’ve got your dream? Your purpose? Your mission in life? 

You can feel it in your heart. 

But you’re afraid to really show it off… to go to that next level… because of what they might say. 

THOSE people. 

Who is that exactly? Spouse, parent, friend or co-worker? Someone close to you? Or just the collective internet poised to tear you to shreds?

Sure it’s a real thing. 

But the fear you feel right now means you should be running right towards it instead of staying frozen where you are, hoping that livestreams or sales pages are just a passing fad.

(Check out the LIVE video feed of this message —> HERE and swipe the graphic I made for your phone!)

Maybe you shared a part of your dream & you got shot down. 
Someone said it couldn’t make any money.
It was stupid.
Not marketable.
A “nice” idea but really how “realistic” were you being? 

And you listened… you believed them for a split second. Which is just long enough for it to wiggle in your mind and throw up doubts when you’re about to do something amazing.

Maybe someone sees your self-care as selfish. Why? Because you started to put yourself first instead of dead last? (Hello social conditioning) 

PS – Men put themselves first all the time and no one bats a goddamn eye. Don’t you deserve equal SELF LOVE while we’re here demanding equal PAY? (hint: yes) 

Maybe they talk about you behind your back. They converse about how ridiculous you are and you need to get your head out of the clouds and find gainful employment. 

Or are they bold enough to say it to your face? To tell you how unreasonable you are and try to convince you to change? 

How dare you be so bold with your life to think outside the lines and challenge a system that works for exactly no one!

(Isn’t it fun to trigger others?)

The world needs you to own this. This dream. This purpose. This higher calling.

To be yourself. To show up with your gifts – regardless of how unique or unusual or out-of-the-box they may be. 


Because we are the leaders. If we don’t do it, no one will. 

You were chosen for this. That’s why you can’t resist the voice inside that keeps telling you to go for it even though you’re shit-scared. 

Leaders stand alone. 
Leaders get criticized constantly. 
Even replaced. 

The people that inspire generations are never a committee or an organization. (Ever notice?)

It’s the one person who had the balls to stand alone and do it differently. You only get noticed when you stand OUT. 

Not hiding, cowering, or hanging with the flock of complainers and people who are fine with settling in status quo.

BOLDNESS means you come out fighting. 

  • It means you say what you want to say without holding back. 

  • You challenge them with your own truth. 

  • You don’t worry what the world thinks of you. 

  • You’re willing to wear the “crazy” label because your so-called-CRAZY is changing lives and setting examples for your kids and wayyyyyy bigger than just you. 

  • Taking a stand.

  • Saying whats true. 

Secretly? You love this ruffling of feathers. Because you know something they dont. And someone somewhere out there is DESPERATE to hear it. 

Because your job is to get their attention and shift humanity in a way no one has done before. 

Stop playing small and acting like you don’t own the place.
Stop being POLITE and go blow shit up instead. 

Bold is the new black ❤️ 

Where do you need to be bold this week? Hit reply and tell me what it is and why you think you haven’t done it yet. (We’ve all been there – it’d be weird if you didn’t feel this way!)

– Erin 

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