December 18, 2018

How to stand out as YOU without compromise

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Sites like Fiverr are an EPIC waste of money, not to mention you’re capping your potential at an immeasurable amount.

How? Why? 

  • It cheapens good design (Good design actually has a function)

  • Your stuff looks like everyone else’s, so congratulations! You don’t stand out AT ALL.

  • You’re hiring someone with little to no skill. Just because someone owns photoshop doesn’t mean they’re good at it.

  • “Pretty” doesn’t mean it communicates what you need it to.

Your #1 task in business is to be uniquely YOU.

To stand out by being YOURSELF.

That’s how you got this far.

And no one else is like you, does it like you, shows up like you, has your energy.


So why keep using canned crap like these cheap sites and templates? Do you see how this makes no sense? 

It’s not in alignment with your vision of your higher self to look like everyone else. Just like cookie-cutter business formulas don’t work, neither do cookie-cutter designs. 

Great design is another way for you to embody your higher self. For you to take your business to the next level and amplify your message to your followers on a visual level. 

What if you could stand out SO MUCH that your look alone created a visceral response in people that they themselves didn’t even understand?

It’s another way to magnetize your tribe. 

For the woman that is ready to take her business to the next levelbecause she knows she deserves to stand out and be noticedas the expert in her field, I created something to help you.

—> I’ve put together a design package of 6 high-level graphics customized to your brand, your look and feel, your messaging for just $497.

You get:

  • Custom made artwork that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Your high vibe captured in powerful visuals

  • More confidence to show up online in a bigger, more powerful way

  • The ability to help more of your people because now you’re noticeable and memorable. 

  • To release your own potential and take your business to the next level

My work is no joke. I adore my clients and we have the best time creating. Check out how HAPPY they are:  

Email me directly to get started. You deserve to be noticed exactly as you are ❤️

– Erin 

PS – This price doubles after Christmas, so grab it now. 

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