December 18, 2018

Reasons Why Shitty Graphics Are Losing You Money

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Wanna make more money in 2019?

Here’s an easy way to up your ROI in business: 

– Quit dicking around on canva. 
– Quit wasting money on fiverr and upwork. 
– Quit making your assistant create things that she really doesn’t know how to do. 

I know you worked hard to get to 6- and 7- figures on grit alone and you put off all the “fun stuff” because they said you didn’t need it. 
And I totally agree. There is nothing about a logo or a color scheme that is going to make you sales alone. 

This way has served you well. 
You’ve gotten by fine. 
You’re making piles of cash. Amazing! 


What if you could make more? 

What if you could stand out SO MUCH that your look alone created a visceral response in people like moths to a flame.

You already know how to do that with your videos, your face, your messaging. 

Now you can apply it to the physical look of your business and create an internal feeling in people who see you that can’t be described in words. 

It’s possible. 

That’s what I do. 

And that’s why I created a design package just for you so you can try this out and see just how well your people respond to the deeper, higher vibe that is YOU!

They’re going to love it and become obsessed with you more than they already are. 

Check out what Tracy had to say:

It’s time for an uplevel.

Don’t you deserve to LOOK amazing now that you’re raking it in and changing lives like no one’s business? 

Great design sells for you and ups your ROI. 
Strong design builds trust. 

People are judging the book by the cover anyway, so you might as well give them something amazing to look at. 

(Check out the livestream video I did on this to get the nitty grittyon exactly WHY this works)

Ready to take your business from basic kiddie clown party to Kardashian-level epic blowout of the year?

THAT’S WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

I’ve put together a starter package of 6 high-level graphics customized to your brand, your look and feel, your messaging for just $497. 

(This deal ends midnite on Christmas Day, so grab it now)

Here’s how it’s going down…

  • Email me a HELL YES.

  • We get on the phone and I get a crystal clear picture of exactly what you envision.

  • I go into my awesomeness cave (it’s a real thing and no one is allowed in. Ask my kids.) and create three concept designs.

  • When I come out, we reconnect and you choose the direction you prefer. (All of them will light you up, so this will be a wicked tough decision.)

  • I give you high-resolution perfection to go forth and share, and make the world more incredible. (And if it needs some tweaks, we talk about those too.)

Email me and let’s chat.

– Erin

PS – After Christmas Day, the same deal doubles in price. This is a great way for you to get a jump on powerhouse branded graphics and start the new year looking better than ever. Don’t wait! 

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