December 21, 2018

How to legit BE the best, instead of pretending and hoping

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Something we talk about in snooty design circles is the 3 V’s of Branding… 

If you haven’t heard of this, here’s what it is and why it matters. 

Vision + Voice + Visuals

If you don’t have a fancy business plan, there’s all you need to succeed. 

But here’s the really important part that people miss: 

1. They all have to be aligned in order to work (aka – get results)
2. The VISION dictates the other 2.

This is just like anything else in business. You do the vision FIRST because clarity wins over everything else. 

Then you set out to talk about it and share it. You use your voice (website, social media, livestreams, whatever you’ve got) to get them to listen. 

You implement visuals (graphics to catch their eye) and communicate who you are on a different level. 

What does your vision LOOK like? Ever thought about it?

If you had to capture it in a photo, or a background image, or even a font… (it’s kinda like that game if you could be any animal, what would you be and why)

How would you create a graphic, a style, a website that looks 

  • Trustworthy

  • Exciting

  • High-end

  • Light-hearted

  • Grounded

  • Approachable

  • Authentic


Harder than it seems right. Because those are all intangible words. They’re simply feelings, and there are no visuals directly associated with feelings. 

It’s open-ended and different for everyone. 

Luckily, that’s MY JOB to figure out how to communicate these floaty intangible concepts.

But you can see that if you aren’t clear on what you want (vision), it’s nearly impossible to have an artist come alongside you and put visuals in place that match your message. 

Without getting clear, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll perpetually struggle (or your copywriter and designer will).

The good news is, you already know this. 

You inherently know that images communicate and can evoke huge emotion.

“A picture is worth 1000 words”

The bad news is, you’re wasting your time on things that don’t work. 

— You may have spent hours on stock photo sites looking for the perfect background. 
— Or sweating about your photo shoot, hoping it captures you in the right vibe. 
— Still playing with fonts late into the night and not feeling like you’re getting it.

So you hired someone, or passed it off because you don’t have time for this. Its not your zone of genius. 

And it either gets half-assed by someone that doesn’t really know what they’re doing, or it gets forgotten about completely and you’re limping by on your “voice” alone. 

Your voice is powerful. People are listening. But they’re also looking and stalking and making judgments based on how your brand makes them feeeeeeel

You pretend it’s fine to ignore what your website looks like. It gets pushed off – WHICH IS LOSING YOU MONEY. 

Deep down you’d really like to make it all look better. 

Does the quality of your website, graphics, deliverables, even landing pages and facebook headers match the amazing high-vibe message you’re putting out there? 

If you’re here to embrace your purpose, change the world and be this amazing business owner who’s the EXPERT and LEGIT BEST at what she does… 

You gotta walk the talk. 

You can’t cut corners and skimp where it counts. Where people literally make decisions based on what LOOKS like better quality, more trustworthy, and is giving them some other benefit. 

Take Starbucks Ethos Water for example. A case study!

It’s a simple design that communicates to you by purchasing THIS water, you not only look cool and help kids, but it’s from a place you trust (Starbucks is everywhere, they must be doing something right. Plus those frappucinos you can carry around Target with you… mmmmm! SOLD!)

You literally had to do nothing and kids are saved. This water stands next to other water in the case (smart water, dasani, etc). There’s a MEANING behind this one that compels people. 

The combination of all 3 V’s matters. 

Your mission and purpose here on earth deserves the best. 

If you’re leaving off one of the 3 V’s, you’re selling yourself short because they all work in tandem. 

You wouldn’t DARE shut your voice down and bank on a vision with some awesome graphics. That sounds insane just saying it. So why is the reverse so prevalent?

Your graphics should show the world you belong in the 1%.
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– Erin 

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