March 12, 2019

How to stop looking unprofessional and amateur online

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Sick of looking at your own logo?

Gah… what was I THINKING?!

Your branding feels gross. You threw something together years ago from a template. Or, you’re still trying to bootstrap it with your assistant doing your graphics. 

You’re more than ready for an upgrade because you’re tired of looking at what’s going on now.

Its ugly. 


It feels unprofessional. 

If you want to be taken seriously, professional and personalized online branding is not optional. You want to look like the amazing rockstar expert that you ACTUALLY are.

Who doesn’t?

Hi I’m Erin & I’m your resident branding expert. I’m here to help you take your branding from lame to LIT AF.

I’ve spent almost 20 years in this industry, and I’ve worked with everyone from agencies, non profits, big box companies, and most recently, entrepreneurs.

Your big goal is to captivate your audience in the handful of seconds you have (2-8 before they lose interest, by the way).

So what can you actually do that accomplishes that? If you don’t get the branding right on the front end, nothing else is going to work effectively. 

Step 1 is getting absolutely CLEAR on what you want … and what you don’t want.

I just talked to a new client today and ran through my standard questionnaire to help me understand her business better. These questions give me clarity on my client, but they also help YOU fill in some gaps that you might not have thought about yet. 

I’m sharing my top five brand clarity questions right now to help you start this process on your own.

You can use these questions to assess your own business and get super clear on what direction you’re going in terms of your brand look and feel. 


1 – What are logos / brands out there that you REALLY like?

You buy them because of packaging or you always drool over how cool they look. There’s a certain style that draws you in. This will give you hints on the aesthetic you’re naturally drawn to.

Why does this matter ? Because your brand is an extension of YOU and as much as we’re going to be making it amazing for the customer, its vibration and essence comes down to YOU and who you are. Branding is a visual representation of you, it’s an expression of your deeper self.

2 – What colors do you have in your wardrobe? How about around your house?

For the same reason as the previous question,  its valuable to become familiar with what you subconsciously surround yourself with. Textures, patterns, certain colors pull us in because they speak to us in some way.

3 – Where do you show up online and how many platforms need branding materials?

Do you have a checklist or do you create these on the fly, often missing certain opportunities to show up on brand? We allow ourselves to “forget,” become overwhelmed, and therefore come unprepared.

Plan it out – how many posts do you do each day? How many graphics are you in need of on a regular basis? How many are static headers that can be done once a month or less?

4 – What words describe you and your business?

Voice, vision and visuals (The 3 V’s) are all at play in your brand. You need all 3 working together to have a successful brand that works for you. What is your vision for your business and how would others describe it (voice)? 

5 – Your competitors.

What are they doing?

What does their branding (and marketing) look like?

What do you like / dislike about their brands?

What do they bring to the table and how are you different? 

(Make a list – see what similarities show up)

The next few weeks I’m going to be talking about the essential assets of your branding: what you need and why you need them.

I’ll also be touching on extra assets and what they can do for you, and finally, how to go about getting all of this done. 

If you need help, this happens to be what I’ve mastered over the last 2 decades. Right now til the end of the month my Visual Branding Package is available for TWO business owners only. This is the most popular package option as it includes all the essentials to set you apart and look incredible.

The details for the Visual Branding Package are right here. Scroll to the handy chart (looks like the one below) showing you exactly what’s included and how you can easily upgrade or get a custom quote to meet your specific needs.

I’m basically giving this away. When I worked at an agency years ago, all this would cost you around $20K. There’s so much value here to fully upgrade your brand, its insane.

Ready to dive in? Click HERE and email me directly.

How many more perfect clients would you attract if you had a brand that reflected who you are?

That’s the piece that takes you to the next level.  

Branding is about the impression you make. And it should accomplish two things: what is special about you and your business.

With high-performance branding, you’ll…

  • Shine above the rest.

  • Add value and credibility to your services.

  • Visually communicate what you and your business represent.

  • Quit wasting time and money piecemealing mediocre graphics that don’t get results.

Time to quit playing small.

Reach out if thats something you’re ready for. 

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