March 15, 2019

Why and When You Should Update Your Brand Logo

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You know how important your logo is, and you’ve already managed to hack one out – whether it was from Fiverr, your assistant or Canva – you got the job done. 

But is it working for you? 

How do you know? 

When is a good time to update it? 

Do you even need to? 

Here’s how to know if it’s time for a revamp and why you might need one sooner than you think:

Reasons why you need to update:

A strong brand logo has key benefits for your business success. How you’re perceived is everything.

Do you look modern and professional? or outdated and amateur? NEWS FLASH – it only takes a couple seconds for someone to judge this about you. 

1 – A strong logo tells people what you do and who you do it for.  It carries meaning, often on a subtle subconscious level.

2 – A strong presentation leads to a strong perception. Look legit, create trust. In a nutshell? Dress for the job you want. You’re not going to attract high-end clients if you yourself do not look high end.

3 – A recognizable logo is a way to stand out. It’s an opportunity to become memorable and recognizable. Do you look like all the other brands out there? (Current trend to avoid: Gold Foil Script)

So how do you know when it’s time to redesign your logo?

1 – It looks old, dated, from a specific era, and makes people think they traveled back in time. Remember the 1st websites ever?

Trends and tastes change, and that can affect perceptions of your logo. When people see a logo that looks outdated, they perceive YOU as out-of-touch. When you’re selling high-ticket services, the last thing you need to give off is that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Rule of thumb? Every 5 years (minimum) your logo needs a refresh.

2 – It doesn’t accurately reflect where you are now

Entrepreneurs evolve faster than your average business.

Businesses evolve to survive and stay relevant.
Entrepreneurs evolve as part of the work to finding your deeper purpose.
Combine the 2 and it’s no surprise you feel like you’re ever-changing.

So, if you’re not the same business or the same person from a year ago, why do you have the same logo?

3 – It’s not in synch with everything else you’re doing

Maybe your business focus hasn’t changed, but how you present it to the world has. If you’ve recently changed colors or vibes (new photoshoot anyone?), it’s worth taking a look at the entire brand to make sure you’re in alignment. 

Rebranding should always go hand-in-hand with updating your logo so that everything communicates a seamless message.


Just like your website, your logo creates an immediate impression.

Within seconds of viewing, it gives people a perception of your business – and you only get that 1st impression once.

A logo is not the end-all be-all of your organization, but, like all your efforts, it certainly makes a difference.

There’s no definitive timeframe for a brand update, but if you’re feeling like something’s off and you’ve evolved beyond the “template” look, follow your gut.

If you look at your logo design and it just doesn’t feel like it represent who you are —today, at this very moment— then you know it’s time to elevate to the next level.

Having a strong image that represents your brand that people can easily visualize?


A generic or dusty old logo that turns people off? Much more likely to hurt your business. 

Need help? 

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