May 1, 2019

Brand Yourself for Impact

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FACT: Emotional intelligence is the new marketing.

Funnels, SEO, discounts, and even advertising are a complete waste of time if you do not emotionally connect with your people.

Want bigger impact? —> Assess your brand’s inspirational message.

(Have you thought about what you want them to feel? Don’t leave it to chance – you have control)


FACT: Emotion accounts for about *half* of a brand’s energy.

Emotions rule. If you’re not communicating the FEELING you want to inspire with your brand, you’re losing potential clients.

How are they so powerful?

Here’s what they do:

1 – Emotions supercharge your brand. Each impression and interaction creates a memory of trust.

2 – Emotions cut through the clutter. Data and facts are nice, but ultimately people make decisions based on feelings.

3 – Emotions deliver better results. Emotionally connected customers are more likely to buy again AND pay more.


FACT: Gone are the days of nice fonts and pretty pictures to show that you’re legit on paper. Today it takes more for people to stick around and pay attention.

People want to FEEL something.

Brand yourself for impact.

If you need help, reach out.

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