June 6, 2019

Stress, anxiety, even abuse: how to uncover hidden feelings

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Let’s talk about the deep (and maybe a little scary) emotional opportunities that come with being creative and allowing yourself to express what’s inside.

We live in a culture that is just now getting a HINT of what emotional intelligence is, what people need on the inside, what trauma does to the body and brain, and how feelings and emotions work.

Our parents didn’t know what we now know about the brain, how it responds to others, and how great of an impact we can actually have on our children.

This is big. 

For a lot of reasons.
1. We can easily self-assess and see how jacked up we truly are from our upbringing. (and omg what do I do with all this now?)

2. We also have an onslaught of information, pressure, and fear around how to raise our kids better. (and omg what do I do with all this now?)

Which brings up a LOOOOOOTTTTT of shit about our childhoods, our triggers, our desires as parents, fear about our children, perfectionism, … need I go on? 

You’re already living this reality. 

And I can help. 

I’m making it super simple to take everything out of your brain that’s swirling around in a panic right now (because I did it too), and release it for good. 

Solutions to BOTH burdens above (your childhood and your parenting) are solved through the therapeutic process of art and creativity. 

Allow me to explain.

Part 1 – We’re all traumatized as kids. 

For a large chunk of the population, they don’t realize they’re traumatized. Everyone experiences it even in small amounts (like an embarrassing moment in front of your classmates or getting lost in the grocery store). Kids remember things.

Part 2 – You’ve traumatized your kids already. 

Surprise! It’s not easy to hear, but knowing it’s inevitable and probably something you won’t even be aware of should help you relax a little. No one is immune. 

Wanna feel better? Here’s my parent of the year award: 

My firstborn got traumatized at 3 years old when we went next door to a Halloween party. The baby monitor didn’t hear him get out of bed (which of course had never happened before) and come looking for us. He was alone in the house for all of 30 minutes (we were checking in on the half-hour), but that was enough to send him to our bed, where we found him shaking and in tears. To this day (he’s almost 8), he has anxiety about where we are and doesn’t like being away from us. 

Of course, not all traumas are created equal. PTSD is a real thing and not taken lightly. 

So how does ART play into this and why should you care?


  • Got an emotional kid that can’t explain to you why he’s so upset? 

  • Tummy aches or other physical ailments going on? 

  • Maybe very real trauma has happened – divorce, war, abuse, abandonment – and it’s challenging to talk about

When you get deeply involved in a creative project, your emotions start to pour out and release onto the paper. Physical pain can disappear and the state of the brain assists the healing process.

Basically? One part of your brain is consciously doing the activity while the other part is unconsciously expressing trapped feelings. 

It releases energy. 
It revitalizes & cleanses.  
Stress & anxiety are lessened. 

All these work together and enable your child to function better and move forward in regular life. They’ll feel more peace and calm, and possibly even find closure from the previous experiences.


Which is exactly why I created ART CAMP

Because it’s helpful, healing and unlocks those emotional places you haven’t been able to fix yet. 

We start on July 8th. 
Only $500 for 6 weeks of hands-on teaching
You get private lessons right now as a bonus (until Father’s Day). 

What’s not to love?? 

Here’s the link:
Come check it out. 

Questions? Just hit reply 🙂 

– Erin 

PS – Seats are limited and are already half-way sold out. Don’t wait! http://erinkmonaghan.com/artcamp2019

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