June 13, 2019

{ART CAMP REVAMP!} Get it when you want it + now for less

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You asked. I listened. 

The overwhelming #1 question to Art Camp has been — “But is it in person?”

To which I thought “NAH! WHO WANTS THAT?” 

Uh, apparently all of you. 

And I get it. Your kid is totally like me in a lot of ways and is (OMG SHOCKER) a VISUAL learner. They need someone showing them. They’re not gonna sit and watch and rewind the video 10x just to make a popsicle stick superhero.

I totally hear that. 
Plus you need a break. 
It’s 2 weeks into summer and you’re done.

So here it is! (This is me saving you. Jump aboard)

PLUS? You can get in for just $100


Instead of committing to all 6 weeks of camp, now you get to pick the weeks that work for you. And each week is only $100/kid.

What a no-brainer. 

Camp Schedule:

Week 1 – July 8-12 // Science Discovery  

Week 2 – July 15-19 // Animals

Week 3 – July 22-26 // Superheroes

Week 4 – July 29- August 2 // Around the World

Week 5 – August 5-9 // Sports

Week 6 – August 12-16 // Outer Space


STEP 1: Sign up for as many weeks as you want @ $100 / week / child. (Or get all 6 weeks for $500). Links below.

STEP 2: Get email confirmation and more details about time, location, and supply lists delivered to your inbox.

STEP 3: Join us for local in-person instruction with small class sizes (Info will be sent to you upon registration)


So for those of you who’ve been uncertain, this makes it way easier for you. 

More flexibility. Less cost. And you still get that break from your kids you were soooo counting on.  

LOCAL classes register here –> http://erinkmonaghan.com/nashvilleartcamp2019

Seats are limited. Literally, because I only have 6 chairs on my patio and one of them is for me. 🙂

Questions? Email me directly. 

See you soon!

PS – If you’re still interested in the online version, I still have a few spots here: http://erinkmonaghan.com/artcamp2019

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