July 23, 2019

How to find and create high-res, quality graphics that look great

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Graphics coming out blurry?

Are your images too small for what you’re trying to create?

You probably need bigger “high-res” images. Here’s how to find and create high-resolution, quality graphics that look great on ALL platforms:

What is “high-resolution”?

High-resolution images are essentially large format pictures that retain more details.

In layman’s terms: You can see them on a big computer screen and they don’t look fuzzy.

Why does it matter?

High-res images are no longer just for print. We live in a tech-world of high-res images on every social media platform and website.

Screen quality and platform image size requirements grow every year.

And if you run a business, you’ve got to look your best online, which means your selfies and your candid shots need to be up to par (aka large, high-res quality photos).

What doesn’t work:

Scouring Google or Pinterest for photos you want and finding out they’re too small to use effectively.

When you stretch an image larger than it’s meant to be, it distorts – or becomes blurry. It’s impossible to increase the size of an image without causing distortion of some kind, but you can *decrease* the size of the image without causing distortion.

What to do instead?

1. Use that smartphone.

Take a day and go snap some shots, whether it be staged product/lifestyle shots, landscapes that work with your brand, or headshots (yes, you can do this!).

Your smartphone alone can take photos over 4000 pixels wide (which is about 53 inches printed). There’s plenty of high-resolution available in the palm of your hand.

2. Use stock photo libraries.

There are free libraries of high-resolution images all over the internet. Do a little digging and assemble your own set of images you can use across the board.

No time, need help, and just feel like you don’t know how to do it well?

If this sounds overwhelming, let’s talk.

Brand images add so much to the vibe of your designs. I’d love to help you design your brand for the next level of your business.

Custom website designs (including curated photo libraries) are now available. Email me for more info 🙂

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