October 29, 2019

How To Find Clarity In The Storm

How To Find Clarity In The Storm:


Handlettering Clarity in the Storms


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved listening to the rain.

I love a good thunderstorm even more.

Maybe it was growing up near the coast with hurricanes being the norm and just something you handle, no big deal.

I recall vividly the storms at summer camp – particularly at night, after a long day of playing.

The fiercer the better.

Loud thunder.
Splattering rain.

In the morning, the air seemed extra fresh and clean. The start of a new day, cleared slate, yesterday erased.

When you’re watching a storm from inside a safe, dry environment, its wildly different than being in the middle of one.

Driving in that same storm? No thanks.

Out at the store when the power goes out? Kill me now.

Being IN the storm frankly sucks.


I could complain that at 37 years old, I’ve had more than my fair share of storms in life.

But every single one of them turned into a gift.

So, you can complain that you’re uncomfortable, it’s unfair, this is miserable, and you’re totally the victim.


You can open to the possibility of what’s being given to you.

And you probably won’t see it in the moment.

But I can only share that with you now because I’ve been through enough of them to know eventually – with the right mindset – they’re priceless lessons.

Things you needed to see.
Ways you needed to change.
Opportunities for you to grow and evolve.

Storms demand all of you and then some.

They change the game as you know it.

Disturbances get you out of the dysfunctional life that you’ve grown so comfortable with (while simultaneously praying for relief from it).

Painful whirlwinds disrupt your pattern, forcing you to make a choice.


Finding clarity in the storm is the key to weathering changes. And you’ll either sink or swim depending on how you receive it.

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